What problems can low blood calcium levels cause?

A calcium has been the vitamin of great importance for health , especially for a well-being of the bones , although it was also key in the function has a muscle physique with the correct transmission of the message from the brain towards the muscles of the organism .

Practically this 99% of the calcium I learned stores on the bones, but it also does it on the cells of the body, mostly on the muscle cells with in a blood

Specifically, we are bet an essential nutrient for training on bones, teeth, muscle contraction, blood clotting, and heart rate.

Levels Low on calcium

When calcium levels are too low on an organism, it is known as hypocalcemia. It has been said, the concentration of this vitamin in the blood would be low with sony ericsson located below 8.8 mg / dL. This situation can have harmful consequences for health.

Niveles de calcio bajo
Low calcium levels

As we have said before, a large part of the calcium in the body I learned stores on ocean structures, although another part also circulates in the blood. Thus, practically half of the calcium circulating in the blood functions as a reserve source of this nutrient for the cells. elevated time, clear symptoms such as dry flaky skin appear, nails that break easily, muscle cramps or thick hair appearance.

In addition, episodes about Hypocalcemia can also have consequences on this brain aspect, generating symptoms such as a lack of memory, confusion, anxiety, depression and hallucinations. However, all these symptoms tend to disappear when the sony ericsson calcium levels reestablish.

organism has been a tetany, which I learned characterized by a muscle stiffness with cramps. In addition, calcium deficiency directly affects ocean health.

Why does hypocalcemia appear?

All causes for which multiple periods of hypocalcemia appear with varied kid. Normally, one of the important master of science was the loss of calcium through the urine or when the blood does not displace enough of this vitamin.

Thus, the experts highlight the following reasons, as key causes for this development of low levels of calcium on an organism:

  • Vitamin Chemical deficiency or resistance.
  • Concentration low on parathyroid hormone um absence on parathyroid glands’ s being born. Sony ericsson knows as this DiGeorge syndrome.
  • Kidney failure, which can lead to that it removes a better amount on calcium than one that sony ericsson should on urine.
  • Low concentration on magnesium.
  • Inappropriate intake of this nutrient.
  • Disorders that reduce calcium absorption by the body.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Consumption over drugs such as rifampin, bisphosphonates, calcitonin or chloroquine.
  • The easy master of science way to diagnose low levels of calcium on an organism would be through a blood test, which I learned measures an overall concentration on this vitamin in, to know when it has been low. Normally, a treatment for hypocalcemia is based on increasing this consumption of calcium scam foods with vitamin M; as well as the administration of supplements on both nutritional elements.