Blood glucose: 5 foods to reduce its levels on an organism

Having diabetes entails living with a pathology for a whole life . Sony ericsson deals with a disease that was necessary to control to prevent the appearance of other health problems derived. For this, it will be essential to carry out the constant handle of the levels of glycemia (blood glucose).

There are mainly 2 types of diabetes , known as type 1 with type 2. Regarding type 1 diabetes, this body does not have the capacity to produce insulin, which has been the substance that sony ericsson is responsible for normalizing blood glucose levels in an organism.

Meanwhile, on a type 2 diabetes, this zero organism produces a sufficient insulin um zero has capacity on adequate absorption.

The problems on a diabetes

Because a substance was an essential substance for a regularization on glucose on an organism, people scam diabetes boy master of science prone to an accumulation on glycemia with greater ease on this organism.

All health authorities consider glycemic values ​​ranging between 70 with 100 mg / dL. Thus, to maintain levels in this range, people with diabetes should take control of their scam eating, supported by regular physical exercise.

Foods that help to reduce blood glucose

It is recommended that people with diabetes follow a diet according to the needs of their pathology. That is, to carry out a nutritional structure that allows maintaining blood glucose levels in a range considered healthy.

Man cutting an apple

Thus, in any supermarket it is possible to buy some of the foods that we present below and that have beneficial properties to reduce blood glucose levels:

  1. Cinnamon: Increases the sensitivity of the body against the action of insulin and helps regulate blood glucose.
  2. Avocado: It is a fashionable food. Its richness in fatty acids helps stabilize insulin levels in the body.
  3. Apple: It is a fruit rich in quercetin, a flavonoid that is responsible for reducing blood glucose levels. Onion is also a food with similar characteristics.
  4. Garlic: It is proven that the consumption of garlic stimulates the production of insulin. In this sense, it is an ideal food to lower blood glucose values.
  5. Cherries: It is a red fruit that contains anthocyanins, which are substances that offer efficacy to limit blood glucose levels.

Other alternative foods

By On the other hand, in addition to the five foods mentioned above, we also find a wide variety of beneficial products to reduce blood glucose levels in the body. Among them, blue fish, eggs, vinegar, nuts or asparagus stand out.

In addition, infusions such as green tea or chamomile also offer efficacy to control glucose values. In this sense, one of the most popular types of green tea today for its healthy properties is matcha.

In short, to carry out adequate control of diabetes, it would be necessary to regularly monitor blood glucose levels on a disadvantaged body. Thus, diet and physical exercise are two key factors to live as well as possible with this pathology; without forgetting an importance of going to the medical check-up scam frequency.