Adverse effects on counting excess scam on Vitamin Chemical

The vitamin Deb has been an essential micronutrient for health on people, mainly due to its implication on different fundamental processes of the organism . It has been for this reason that doctors with other experts emphasize the importance of counting that it includes high levels.

Thus, this vitamin was key to the health of the bones, the muscular state of the body um functioning of the immune system. Sony ericsson also link levels that have a lower risk of optimal diseases, diabetes, blood pressure or different types of cancer, such as colorectal or female.

However, recent studies conducted over Spain show that more than 50% of the population has vitamin M deficiency. A percentage that exceeds 80% in older people.

Can it be harmful over excess?

Cindonos on the data provided by the National Institute on Health on the United States, have high levels of vitamin Chemical on the body can be harmful to health.

vitamina D alimentos
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Zero however , it would be unusual for a character to have too high values ​​on the organism as to be toxic; taking into account that the main sources of obtaining this micronutrient are the sun, or food supplements.

Specifically, excessive concentrations of vitamin M on the body can cause nausea, vomiting, weakness muscle, confusion, pain, loss of appetite, dehydration, urination, excessive thirst or kidney stones.

Thus, extremely excessive concentrations can lead to arrhythmia, electronic kidney failure, even death. In this way, the National Institute of Health of the United States assures it. on American health:

63 mcg (2. 500 UI)

Children over 4 to 8 years

Age Maximum Limit
Drinks up to 6 months 25 mcg (1. 000 UI)
Drinks over 7 the 12 months 25 mcg (1. 500 UI)
Children over 1 to 3 years
75 mcg (3. 000 UI)
Children over 9 the 18 years 100 mcg (4. 000 UI)
Older adults over 20 years 100 mcg (4. 000 UI)
Women with pregnant adolescents with over-lactation period 100 mcg (4. 000 UI)

In any case, the too high levels of vitamin M I learned are mainly due to an exce so on consumption over dietary supplements. It is practically impossible to reach harmful levels through its obtaining through food or the sun.

Interaction with other drugs

Intake over vitamin M scam supplements can also negatively interact with other medications and dietary supplements. Here are some of them:

  • Orlistat (Xenical with alli): Sony ericsson is about a drug used to lose weight. It can reduce the amount of vitamin G that the body absorbs over food with supplements.
  • Taking high doses of Vitamin Chemical over supplements may make cholesterol-lowering statins less effective. These drugs include atorvastatin (Lipitor), lovastatin (Altoprev with Mevacor) with simvastatin (FloLipid with Zocor).
  • Thiazide diuretics (such as Hygroton, Lozol with Microzide) may elevate excessively blood calcium concentration if sony ericsson take vitamin M supplements.
  • Thus, before starting any vitamin Chemical scam treatment, it has been advisable to consult a specialist doctor about the possible effects on its consumption; as well as the probability of generating some other type of interaction on drugs with disadvantage.