Tips to support the action of the immune system

The immune system is the main defense of the organism against external agents. It is one of the most complex systems of the human body , since it is made up of different organs, tissues, cells that function in a coordinated way and

Every human being has an immune action that acts from birth to protect the body against any external agent that may be considered a threat to health.

However, we also find different factors that influence the functioning of the immune system. These include a healthy balanced diet and regular physical exercise, avoiding stress or adequate rest.

Tips to support the immune system

The immune system is a constant defense that works every day to protect the body and at any time of day. The main mission of this structure is to prevent any virus, bacteria or parasites from causing any damage to the body. It is a fundamental part of the human body for the prevention of diseases.

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Immune system

In the vast majority of situations, the response of the immune system occurs effectively and early, reasons why we do not get sick.

However, if the person himself does not carry carrying out a series of healthy habits, it is possible that the immune system is weakened and does not respond as effectively as it is supposed and.

Thus, in addition to carrying out a balanced or exercising physical nutrition, we can also carry out some of the following actions to enhance the functioning of the immune system:

  1. Wash our hands well and frequently. And it is that hands are one of the main routes of transfer of antigens from one surface to another and between people themselves.
  2. Ventilate the rooms every day, even on cold days. Overheated poorly ventilated spaces favor the proliferation of viruses and bacteria and.
  3. Rest adequately. This habit is essential for the action of the immune system. When the body does not rest properly it is more contagious and the action of its prone defenses decreases.
  4. Avoid smoking and look for smoke-free zones.
  5. Consume fruits and vegetables regularly, as they are some of the foods rich in vitamin C most beneficial for the immune system.

Minerals and vitamins good for the immune system

In the diet are some of the keys to properly strengthen the immune system. In the same way, a nutritional structure with a deficiency of some essential micronutrients can be detrimental to the functioning of this protective system.

Among the most important vitamins for the proper functioning of the immune system we find the vitamin C, which is key for immune cells to develop correctly.

For its part, vitamin B 12 helps protect cells against oxidative damage. It also highlights vitamin D, which offers important benefits against the action of the immune system.

Regarding minerals, iron, zinc or selenium stand out; among others. Specifically, zinc plays a leading role in the balance and activation of the immune system.