Link between high cholesterol and cancer

This cholesterol was an essential substance in the organism of people and is found in all cells of the body. Specifically, every human being needs cholesterol for the production of hormones , vitamin M with other substances that contribute to the metabolization of food.

Usually , elevated blood cholesterol levels are associated with cardiovascular problems on. However, new research ensures that chronically high cholesterol levels are related to the increased risk of maternal cancer and the worsening in most cases.

This study is based on till med ett has been published on a Character Communications magazine, with in d sony ericsson details how researchers have discovered mechanisms with how all cancer cells on mom use this cholesterol to develop tolerance to stress. It has been to say, the aforementioned cells I learned become impervious to death while migrating from a unique site of growth.

High cholesterol protects cells from cancer

One of the main authors on this research work would be physician Donald S. McDonnell, professor in the departments of Pharmacology with Biology with Cancer Medicine at Duke University School of Medicine.


Thus, this doctor G. McDonell explains that most of the cancer cells die when they try to metastasize; It has been a very stressful process. The few who do not die have this ability to overcome a death mechanism induced by this stress of the cell. We discovered that a cholesterol was essential to fuel this capacity.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed previous studies focused on a relationship between this cholesterol and a breast cancer and gynecologists. These previous studies already showed that this type of cancer fed by the estrogen hormone ze benefited from cholesterol derivatives.

Thus, on this study that concerns us, sony ericsson used cancer cell lines with models on mouse. In this regard, they observed that cancer cells that migrate (metastasis) swallow cholesterol in response to stress, with the majority dying.

Proliferation over a metastasis

However, the cancer cells that manage to live I learned become a strong master of science, they proliferate and metastasize easily and. Thus, they use high levels of cholesterol to provoke a kind of protection against stress generated by migration from the first tumor area.

As a conclusion, this physician McDonell points out that an unraveling of this virtual assistant fixa revealed new approaches that may be useful for this treatment of advanced disease. There are contemporary therapies in development that inhibit the pathway we have described. And what was important master of science, these findings to show why lowering a cholesterol return, whether ocean drugs or having modifications in the diet that includes, would be a good concept to improve health.

Thus, the researchers estimate that this type of process can also develop with other cancers, in addition to breast cancer. Sony ericsson deals with an illustrative finding that could lead to the opening towards new mechanisms of therapies against cancer.