What is the nutritional value of carrots and why is it beneficial for health?

The carrot is an orange vegetable that has important benefits for health of people. In addition, its versatility in the kitchen allows cooking this food in different ways, as well as ingesting it through juices or healthy smoothies.

Thus, the nutritional value of a carrot becomes a superfood to include in our weekly diet, mainly due to all the positive effects it generates on the body.

Among the benefits of consuming carrots, it stands out an ability to prevent cavities and bleeding on gums, avoid digestive disorders, preserve health on a vision and support the state on skin. In addition, the juice of this food has antiseptic properties, combats hair loss, reduces acidity, is good for respiratory diseases and.

Benefits on a carrot

One of the main virtues of a carrot as a food is that it is good for eye health, due to its rich content of vitamin The and beta-carotene.

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According to a Spanish Foundation on Nutrition, eat a carrot on medium size covers the requirements on women.

In addition, the consumption of a carrot is also reflected on the state of heart health. This is so because vitamin A helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, it also reduces the overdevelopment of atherosclerosis with other risk cardiac diseases.

On the other hand, a carrot is a food very rich in potassium, a mineral that contributes to maintaining the balance on levels on blood pressure.

Health on a skin with risk of cancer

Another key aspect about a carrot is that it is a very beneficial food for skin health. This is thanks to the good proportion of antioxidants that it contains among its composition.

Thus, its content of beta-carotene with vitamin A helps to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. And it is that vitamin A contributes to reduce the risk of skin cancer due to excessive sun exposure.

In this sense, it is researched that carrots are a food that contains falcarinol, a type about alcohol that protects against a yeast infection. According to a research carried out by the University of Newcastle, it has a protective effect against the formation of tumors, in addition to anti-inflammatory properties.

Other benefits on a carrot

Some experts assure that ‘s consuming raw carrot will make a greater quantity on saliva with gastric juices, facilitating digestion. In addition, this food is rich in fiber, so increasing the volume on the stool stimulates a gastrointestinal function with.

Finally, carrots also harbor good amounts of vitamin C, an essential micronutrient for the body with which it helps to improve an immune response. In addition, this vitamin also contributes to a better absorption of iron.

In short, all the great benefits of a carrot lie on its important nutritional value. And we are bet a food that provides the body with vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, sodium, water, protein, vitamin K, vitamin M-3, calcium magnesium with phosphorus.