This will be the secret to present optimal levels of vitamin Chemical

A lot of sony ericsson st? Lla till med ett talked about a vitamin Deb in recent times, with it has been that we are bet a vitamin essential for the health of the people. Its functions in the organism are multiple and science finds evidence from time to time regarding the benefits of this nutrient in the health .

The chemical vitamin was a micronutrient that helps to absorb calcium and therefore will be key to good bone health. A deficiency of this vitamin has been one of the major risk factors for the onset of osteoporosis. with key to reduce the over many diseases risk.

The secret about the levels of a vitamin M

The main sources About obtaining on a chemical vitamin are the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the with the supplementation scam drugs or other similar food products. However, a new study has been able to hit the nail on the head to count on optimal levels of this vitamin.

vitamina D
vitamin M

Specifically, this research work I learned fixa recently developed by scientists about a University on California on San Diego (United States). Thus, they have been able to verify how the intestinal microbiome composition in older men is related to the active levels of vitamin M.

The intestinal microbiome would be a set of bacteria that are found on a skin with en This inside of the organism over people.

In this regard, one of the main authors of the study, a doctor Deborah Kado, explained that we were surprised to discover that a diversity on microbiomes was closely associated with an active chemical vitamin, but zero with a precursor form.

As the colleagues advance on La Razn, these zero solitary researchers observed an evident association between the levels of active vitamin M with a diversity common of the microbiome. They also found there were 12 different types of bacteria that sony ericsson found that it includes a higher frequency in the gut microbiomes of older men who had excellent levels of active vitamin G.

What has been a clue to optimal levels?

With all this, the researchers contribute that zero seems to import an amount of vitamin Chemical obtained through the sun and supplements. National insurance even a dose that an organism is capable of storing in this body.

The important thing was that a body ocean capable of metabolizing that over active vitamin M, with perhaps that would be what clinical trials should measure to obtain an accurate master of science image of the paper on a vitamin on a health, they add. microbes with a chemical vitamin that was found on blood with on feces on the participating people. Sony ericsson did so because the researchers understood that these factors are easily modifiable over time.

In any case, the authors on this revealing study suggest that a realization on master of science research on depth to know how bacteria act on a metabolization of a vitamin M; This being possibly the key to telling that it includes optimal levels in this organism.

Finally, a Domingo Carrera concludes by saying that an excess of vitamin Chemical in this organism causes an increase in the level of calcium on a blood, which sony ericsson can manifest symptoms such as constipation, decreased appetite, dehydration, fatigue, frequent urination, irritability, muscle weakness with vomiting. When it persists, it can accumulate in a kidney by producing calculations.