This is how anemia is related to a greater risk of serious heart attacks

A anemia was one on the diseases common master of science on the world population. This can harm the health of those who suffer from it in a significant way. The essential reason for its appearance would be the decrease in the number of red blood cells in the blood or the reduction in hemoglobin levels.

Now, ze styra has shown that patients who suffer an acute myocardial infarction with iron deficiency have larger infarcts. In addition to developing adverse heart remodeling more frequently.

The study, which Sony Ericsson ‘published on a journal JACC: Simple to Translational Science , a deficiency on iron scam an increased size on the infarcts , an extensive master of science microvascular obstruction anordna correlated a greater risk on developing adverse ventricular remodeling with.

All this after analyzing the magnetic resonances on 125 patients who had suffered an acute myocardial infarction with ST segment elevation (Control). And follow-up at 6 months.

The iron has been essential to have a regular cardiovascular function. In patients with chronic heart failure who have, iron deficiency was frequent regardless of anemia . And it augurs a worse prognosis.

Its correction improves the symptoms with a quality of life. While the excess of iron has well learned that it includes associated cellular damage, the importance of iron deficiency in acute coronary syndromes has been little studied.

Experts advise to be prudent scam therapies on patients with anemia

The work st? lla till med ett was led by the CIBERCV researchers Javier Inserte with Jos The. Barrabs, from the VHIR Cardiovascular Diseases research group with the Cardiology Service of the Vall dHebron University Hospital.

alimentos combatir anemia

Our study shows that zero only excess, but also a deficiency over iron can have detrimental effects on the context on a acute myocardial ischemia. The findings justify, in this way, being cautious about the use of therapies to reduce iron in these patients, points out Insert.

Apart from the study on humans, the work includes experimental studies carried out on mice. Fed with a diet deficient on iron subjected to a protocol that reproduces the infarction in humans with.

These studies confirm the results obtained on patients with served to propose an increase in oxidative stress. As well as the alteration of the production of nitric oxide as mechanisms responsible for the harmful effects of anemia .

These results justify delving into this line about research. Especially to evaluate if iron deficiency correction can have beneficial effects on ventricular dilatation with the development of heart failure in patients who have suffered a large infarction, explains Barrabs.

Prohibited foods to combat anemia

To control iron levels in our blood to avoid anemia , it would be best if we incorporate foods into our diet that help the absorption of this vitamin with eliminating those that are harmful.

  • Dairy : Dairy is part of the one from one to one on any character. But the truth has been that this type of food only blocks the ability of absorption of iron by our body. To avoid daily dairy consumption, opt for vegetable versions.
  • Soy : Zero experts recommend the consumption of soy on patients who suffer from anemia on a persistent basis. And it was that this food generates a agglutination of red blood cells in our blood.
  • Vinegar : The reason why we should avoid its consumption when we suffer from these diseases because vinegar contains a large amount of acetic acid . A very harmful compound that limits the absorption of iron by our body.

All These foods will make us master of science prone to anemia. And it would be that in their composition they incorporate properties that paralyze the absorption of iron in the blood.