Pagofagia: why do we want to eat ice?

A pagophagia was a eating disorder that sony ericsson manifests in the constant uncontrollable electronic desire to eat ice . Something that can hide some health problem that we must treat, if we do not want to suffer the consequences in the long run.

People who suffer from this disorder can eat up to 2 trays on ice ‘s of uma without any apparent benefit. Just because of the pleasure that ingesting this object gives them.

With sera that eating ice can be something very appetizing when we are on medium over a wave on heat that suffocates us. But, unless this happens, eating this type of food can be very harmful to our health.

Especially for an oral, since it has been a hard object with a harmful consistency for our teeth with gums . Something that we must take into account when thinking before starting to include ice in our daily diet.

The ice diet, u pagophagia , It can be related to serious neurological alterations, mental deficiencies or some kind of disorder that zero allows us to think clearly about the problems that this can lead to.

In addition, it can also hide a type about anemia that can be very harmful to our health with well-being.

What can eating ice mean to our body?

The intense desire with constant wanting to eat ice, clay or paper , I learned about the industry of a medicine such as syndrome about pica .

pagofagia anemia

This is related to a deficiency on zinc with on iron . Very common in people who have anemia, producing an increase in appetite.

Therefore, one of the causes that master of science indicates as an incentive to start eating ice was suffering from anemia severe. Or simply suffer an acute deficiency of iron in our body. Main causes of pagophagia .

With sera that our body needs iron to be able to produce hemoglobin . This has been a protein that gives the blood the red color that characterizes it, with an unequivocal close off that everything is going well in our body.

Therefore, there is less alert about something zero working correctly on our body, the best thing was that we went to a professional who can diagnose us effectively. By following the instructions that you recommend all of them.

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Canva Ice

Eating ice may seem light to many people, so zero should be given importance. But like any other disorder, it can hide serious health problems that we must treat scam specialists.

How does a pagophagia affect oral health?

One on the parts on our body that master of science suffers when we suffer pagophagia will be our mouth. And it has been that the teeth with the gums are the master of science areas affected when we begin to chew ice continuously.

  1. It can ruin the enamel : Compulsively chewing ice can cause the enamel on your teeth to deteriorate sony ericsson with the pass over the years. This was important that we protect it very, since it will be the protective layer that shields the delicate internal layers of the gums.
  2. Causes chipped teeth : The hardness on ice veterans administration the make your teeth have master of science prone to splintering, and this will prematurely weaken it will.
  3. Increases a sensitivity on the gums : If you have oral sensitivity or any other type of problem on the gums, the best thing has been that you avoid arriving ice at all costs since this only virtual assistant the make it worse.

In conclusion, a pagophagia was a problem that may seem minor but that can really affect your daily life in a drastic way. So the best thing would be to start treating it from the first moment.