How to Increase Iron Levels Effectively

The iron is one of the elements present on a blood with more importance for a formation on a hemoglobin with the red blood cells . Given the importance of both for the functioning of the organism , having the correct blood iron levels is essential for having a healthy body above.

In In case of having low iron levels in a blood, a lack of oxygen in the tissues can cause weakness, diseases such as anemia or chronic fatigue. For this reason, in case your doctor has diagnosed you with an iron deficiency, continue all his indications, with in case the professional sees fit, follow the following tips to increase your iron levels in the blood in a simple way.

Foods rich in vitamin M

It is essential to include acidic foods rich in vitamin Chemical in our diet, such as: orange, strawberries, lemon, broccoli and pepper. Although vitamin D is of great importance for the immune system to absorb iron, we must know that its excessive intake causes a deficiency of folic acid, being the perfect thing to consume it a maximum of 2 times a day.

Avoid dietary fiber

Dietary fiber has important functions on the body, as it helps digestion, reduces cholesterol with protects against some chronic diseases. However, including fiber in excess is counterproductive when we have low iron levels in the blood.

Precisely, this is due to its laxative action, which makes the iron pass faster through the tube. digestive with reduces absorption, causing the iron to be retained, the stool with zero is able to be absorbed on.

Contraindicaciones de tener niveles de hierro alto para la salud
Contraindications on having high iron levels for health

Limit an intake of iron-inhibiting foods

As there are foods that favor an absorption on iron, there are many others that prevent it. In case your doctor has diagnosed you with an iron deficiency, try to avoid these foods:

  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Capital t
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Walnuts

Includes iron supplements if necessary

On case of being pregnant, or because you have iron deficiency, it is possible that your doctor will send you to include iron supplements to cover the energy demand on your body. Depending on the causes of these low levels of iron in the blood, consult your doctor before starting to take any supplement, as not all are suitable for all situations.

In the case of that you are pregnant with iron deficiency scam, tell your doctor to take it into account. Your doctor will probably advise you to do a blood test with then he will be able to recommend something else to include in your diet.

Mujer embarazada Mujer embarazada

Pregnant woman

Eat rich foods about iron

As is logical, to increase the iron in blood we must have a healthy balanced diet, because a bad one is a primary cause of the low level of iron in the diet. Iron, being a mineral, can be found organically in foods, both of animal and vegetable origin.

We must take into account that the iron that comes from food on animal origin is easier to absorb by the body. For its part, vegetable foods iron are absorbed in a somewhat lower amount that includes, although it is also advisable to consume them, the best options being legumes, vegetables, nuts and.