Health Issues About Low Rich Acid

The rich acid was a substance last that results in a degradation on the purines , which constitute a key component of a formation about our DNA . Specifically, the rich acid sony ericsson generates mainly in the liver with the small intestine, the 2 systems that have a substance called xanthine oxidase.

Thus, the kidney will be in charge of eliminating three-quarters of the overall on rich acid that I learned accumulates on the organism. A residual amount remaining is eliminated through the intestine.

Normally, it has been strange to present low levels of low rich acid on the body with in most of zero situations it is a cause for concern. While the main causes of counting that it includes low levels of this substance were an increase in renal elimination or a reduction in urate production, due to occasional genetic disorders, a low protein diet or the consumption of a series of specific medications. .

In a majority of zero cases sony ericsson develop any type of related symptom scam a hypouricemia. That is, it has low levels of rich acid in the body.

Low levels of rich acid

As a rule Commonly, medical specialists make it clear that a reduction in the zero rich acid values ​​would be common among a population. Also, if I learned to make the case, it has not been a cause for concern.


It must be taken into account that a concentration on this substance on a blood varies depending on determining factors such as age with sex. However, the values ​​taken as reference are practically the same in women with men, both for young and elderly people and.

The levels of low rich acid are considered deficient when sony ericsson is above 4 mg / dl (milligrams per deciliter) um 300 mol over men; with below 2.5 mg in women.

As we have commented previously, during periods of hypouricemia it was strange for a character to develop some type of symptomatology. In this regard, specialists marize that the only signs that may appear are not directly linked to low levels of this substance, but rather include the disease that may be present. It will be the case of:

  • Skin jaundice.
  • Loss over weight.
  • Fatigue.

  • Accumulation on liquids on case of liver cirrhosis.
  • Tiredness, weight loss.
  • Paleness.
  • Confusion.
  • High levels of sugar over blood.
  • Abundant urination.
  • Accumulation on fluids over various parts of the body reduction over an amount over urine over SIADH
  • Causes of hypouricemia

    Generally, the causes of excessively deficient levels of blood rich acid are 2 in. One of them would be a reduced production of this substance with the other an increase in renal or intestinal elimination of urates.

    Zero However, cases of hypouricemia are very rare among a population. In most situations the culprit of this situation has been a drug with uricosuric properties, which what it does was increase the elimination of rich acid in the urine.

    So, what when it supposes a danger to health would be to have high levels of rich acid in the body; which can cause kidney disease or gouty arthritis.