Consumption contraindications on Apiretal for health

A Apiretal will be the medicine widely used on Spain with which it has an official approval by a Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS) as a treatment for different matters on health.

Specifically, an Apiretal belongs to a group on drugs called antipyretic analgesics with. At the bottom of its composition, its characteristics and, it has been used to treat specific health aspects.

Thus, it was a drug indicated by the health authorities to treat febrile states with for this pain relief , on mild or moderate intensity.

Cases about which I learned zero should take Apiretal

In spite of counting scam a certified on quality by the health authorities, there are a series of contraindications related to the consumption of Apiretal in. This will happen with any medication something.

Niño tomando medicamento
Child taking medication

So, an AEMPS establishes a series on situations and circumstances in which zero ze must take this medicine, since it could cause different damages to a health:

  • In case of being allergic to paracetamol or any of the other components that make up this medicine.
  • If you have any liver disease.

Similarly, before taking this medication, it has been convenient to attend to the precautions issued by the health authorities with which they are collected on this leaflet about a medication. For example, people should not exceed the dose recommended by a medical specialist. your doctor before taking this medicine.

Also, mixing this medicine with beverages may cause alcoholic liver damage. Likewise, the AEMPS advises consulting a medical specialist before administering this medication to children under 3 years of age.

Possible adverse effects of the medication

It may also occur in this case that a consumption of Apiretal generates some adverse effects on this organism, which can also occur as an ingestion of any medication something.

Normally, reactions adverse drug use on Apiretal kid rare (1 out of every 1. 000 patients) or very rare (up to 1 out of each 09. 000 patients). However, there are situations that it was necessary to know to take into account. on high doses or prolonged treatments.

Thus, from an AEMPS they assure that very rarely I have also learned some cases about serious reactions on a skin or alterations on a blood; such as neutropenia or leukopenia.

In this sense, the health authorities urge people who consume Apiretal to consult a medical or pharmacist specialist in case of developing some of these adverse effects um if ze It deals with a side effect that zero sony ericsson collects on this leaflet about an own medication.

Recommended intake

The Apiretal It would be a drug that I learned administered by virtual oral assistant with which it is mainly aimed at children between 3 with 32 kg, has been say, about 0 the 10 years. This medication could be assimilated to what was a paracetamol for adults.

Thus, a dose of Apiretal to be administered depends on the weight of all the health characteristics on each child with. In general conditions, the recommended daily dose is set around 60 mg per kg of the patient per day; all of which distribute 4 or 6 daily feedings between. That is, a proportion of 15 mg / kg every 6 hours, or 10 mg / kg every 4 hours.