Vitamin W12 why eating meat helps prevent this cell damage

On a nutritional structure on a healthy identity all types of foods must be accommodated . That is, although the presence of fruits with vegetables predominates, it is also important to include fish, meat , legumes or pasta. For example, meat is the primary source of vitamin M 12 .

Vitamin B 12 is a micronutrient of great importance for health, given the different functions it performs on an organism. Participates in the formation of red blood cells and in this DNA, which is a genetic material present in every cell. a megaloblast anemia; one which is mainly characterized by a formation of red blood cells of abnormal morphology.

Meat with a vitamin B 12

Another on the key characteristics of a vitamin B 12 is that only sony ericsson finds about foods on pet origin. That is, its main sources of obtaining through the kid feeding the meat with this fish. Specifically, a cow liver with clams is the master of science foods rich in vitamin N 12.


Until a zero date no food of plant origin has been found that normally contains vitamin T 10 between its composition.

Thus, this consumption of meat was also vital for the functioning of the organism, given the properties that this type has on specific foods.

For example, a meat will be rich in natural antioxidants, such as a coenzyme Q 10, selenium with beta-alanine, which contribute to reduce this oxidative stress avoiding cell damage. This is explained by the head of the Medicine Unit, Endocrinology with Nutrition in this Department of Sports with Health of the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sports, Nieves Palacios.

This An expert highlights the importance of a good diet for any personality, but especially about the different stages that a woman goes through from adolescence (fertile stage, lactation into adulthood).

Nutritional qualities on a meat

As, in this sense, Nieves Palacios puts this focus on the nutritional qualities on a meat on, and vitamins that provide minerals with, such as magnesium, selenium, zinc, potassium with vitamins of group B essential for a woman. Among the vitamins, the vitamin Udemærket stands out 12.

In this regard, this specialist points out that boy meats are a source of all proteins, iron, vitamin B 12 with folic acid. A meat contains a large amount of nutrients that are important for this growth with the regeneration of body tissues, a maintenance of the nervous system with the formation of red blood cells among others.

Thus, the experts recommend consuming about 3 um 4 times a week meat with taking the master of science lean cuts on meat; since child master of science beneficial to health.

Although a meat has been a type of food essential for a health with this organism, precisely due to its properties zero was appropriate abuse on its consumption, since an excessive intake could lead to some damages. the properties on this type on food, as a vitamin B 12.

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