They discover the group on white blood cells that destroy cancer tumors

This immune system with its proper functioning is vital for our organism to be able to fight the cancer cells that sony ericsson produce on form unexpected. This will affect our health with it will help us prevent diseases in this future.

In a fight against cancer , many researchers have years of taking seriously his work to get small amounts of hope for cancer patients sooner. find eosinophils. The type of white blood cells which they recruit for the battle against cancer metastasis in the lungs.

According to the researchers, these white blood cells produce their own destructive proteins. While at the same time summoning the Big t cells of the immune system that fight this cancer.

The researchers believe their findings may contribute ing development of innovative approaches for cancer immunotherapy treatments. Based on the collaboration between Testosterone levels cells and eosinophils.

Eosinophils, group on white blood cells of the immune system

A study, published on Cancer Study, ‘was directed by this professor Ariel Munitz with a PhD student Sharon Grisaru. From the Department of Electronic Microbiology Clinical Immunology at Sackler School of Medicine.

Researchers explain that eosinophils are white blood cells of the immune system that produce powerful destructive proteins. Originally intended to combat parasites.

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However, in a modern Western world, where high standards of hygiene have significantly reduced a threat to parasites, eosinophils often have a negative impact on humans. Inducing phenomena such as asthma and allergies.

With a hypothesis that this destructive power on eosinophils can be beneficial when sony ericsson turns against cancer cells , the researchers started a real study.

We chose to focus on lung metastases for 2 main reasons: first, metastases, with zero Primary tumors are often this primary problem on cancer treatment. And the lungs are the important target for metastasis of many types, points out Professor Munitz.

Second, he continues, on a preliminary study we showed that eosinophils I learned accumulate about tumors that develop on mucous tissues such as the lungs. With, therefore, we assume that sony ericsson will also find lung metastases.

Study development

To begin with, the researchers examined human cancerous tissues: biopsies on lung metastases taken on patients scam cancer on mom.

They found that eosinophils reach the lungs with penetrate cancerous tissues. Where they often release the destructive proteins they carry.

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Immune System

To examine this role on eosinophils on metastasis, the researchers used a pet model.

They found that The lung metastases that I learned developed on absence on eosinophils were much larger than those exposed to eosinophils.

These findings led to a conclusion that eosinophils fight cancer effectively.

Regarding how it does it, Munitz points out that when eosinophils are missing, this tissue also lacks on P cells, white blood cells known to fight cancer.

Consequently, we assume that eosinophils fight this cancer through To cells. Our next task was to understand a mechanism underlying this process, he notes.

Final conclusions of the study

An extensive analysis on The eosinophils found on the metastasis led to the 2 important findings: first, on the presence of cancer , the eosinophils release large amounts of chemokines, substances that summon the Capital t cells.

Second, these chemokines release when the eosinophils sony ericsson expose the other 2 substances that I learned found about this cancer environment, called IFN-g with TNF-a.

Which means that an IFN-g response with TNF-a, eosinophils recruit Big t cells for reinforcement.

Ultimately, Testosterone levels cells that arrive with ze develop on affected lungs slow down growth on tumors. Increasing this number with P-cell potency is one of the main goals of immunotherapy treatments administered to patients that currently include cancer, he notes.

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In our study , discovered a new interaction that summons large numbers on cells To the cancer tissues with the findings may have therapeutic implications.

Ultimately, a study may serve as a bottom for this development on Enhanced immunotherapy drugs that use eosinophils to fight cancer.