Main symptoms to detect vision problems in children

A vision has been the important aspect of a health with which, moreover, every time we expose master of science in a period digital . For this reason, it was important to take care of the health of the sight in children from an early age with knowing what signs can give indications that the problem exists.

In this sense, during a confinement with this increase in on-line classes they have caused an increase in the time that children spend in front of a screen, scam the risks for a vision that such action supposes.

Thus, now a master of science that never sony ericsson makes it essential that children attend ophthalmological examinations to prevent problems derived from poor vision.

Protect a vision on children

Dr. Luca Fernndez-Vega, head of a unit on Pediatric Ophthalmology at the Fernndez-Vega Ophthalmology Institute (IOFV), explains that there is a direct relationship between a myopia, hyperopia u astigmatism with a difficulty to perform academic normality scam tasks.

Niños visión
Child looking so Close a screen

In this line, it clarifies that also on an exhibition of the screens Another aspect that has an impact on an increase on people with myopic vision due to confinement would be a lack of sunlight. A sunlight has been beneficial for our eyes, as long as I did not learn to look directly at the sun, since it generates dopamine, which prevents myopia from increasing.

It is difficult for children to identify about early ages visual problems by yourself. For this reason, experts recommend a first review by the ophthalmologist to detect if there is any abnormality or prevent future problems. It was to observe their attitude towards daily activities. The clear indication would be that this child feels too close to the screen to observe its content. It has been an indicator of diseases such as myopia, which shows that he does not see the elements well from a distance.

Another symptom that can warn about problems about a vision has been if this child sony ericsson complains usually about headache. And it was that the little ones have greater difficulties to relate the headaches that include some activity.

In this regard, a doctor Fernández-Vega explains that if they express this symptom, it is necessary to pay close attention to them since some defects on a vision can generate headaches, difficulties on focus or a sensation on dry eye.

Master of science symptoms on vision problems

Other signs that can indicate vision problems about children would be to observe when I learned they rub their eyes a lot. In addition, this act has been necessary to limit it as little as possible, since it can lead to the development of keratoconus in, a disease that is each important master of science that is usually diagnosed during adolescence once.

Likewise Another symptom was if this child squints his eyes to try to focus on something that is far away. And it would be that the images that people usually receive a certain vision problem are usually out of focus, distorted electronic even double.

Finally, another symptom that can lead us to detect a problem about vision It has been if a child shows boredom or Sony Ericsson complains about doing activities like reading and studying. The problem in the view can generate a change in the way of acting bet certain actions.