Is it true that cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels?

There is a kind of myth around cinnamon with its ability to reduce the levels of glycemia . That is, it could be the food perfect for people that includes diabetes in order to offer balance in the levels of glucose in blood.

Zero However, a reality is that zero is clear when a cinnamon is a food that has effects on a reduction in blood sugar on people with diabetes. A science still has to continue investigating about it.

Some research works have found benefits on this scam spice with respect to the blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. However, other studies have not found an obvious link.

Does cinnamon reduce blood glucose levels S or Zero?

According to the Mayo Center specialists, previous studies introduced different doses with types of cinnamon scam, an objective of comparing results with determining when this spice really has a positive effect on a reduction in blood glucose levels.

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At the bottom of these studies, ze believes that this consumption of cinnamon can help the body use a insulin on an efficient master of science form. However, what is clear is that sony ericsson needs in-depth master of science research to corroborate whether cinnamon supplements could be of help to people with diabetes in which situations.

In this sense, for a large majority of people, cinnamon supplements seem safe for health, ‘s less in the short term. However, a high dose intake can cause damage to people with liver disease with disadvantage.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult a medical specialist before taking any supplement. It is an essential action to prevent any problem and to avoid that its consumption does not affect health.

In short, it is necessary to continue investigating scam regarding a capacity on a food such as cinnamon to reduce blood glucose levels. That is to say, a myth remains a myth as long as medicine science does not determine otherwise.

In addition, it is necessary to remember that there is no food or nutrient that can treat diabetes. When well, this handle of this disease I learned based on a healthy diet, normal control of blood glucose levels, physical exercise on a chronic basis with sometimes the consumption of medications or treatments that include insulin.

Foods that reduce glucose levels

Although zero we can currently affirm that a cinnamon helps reduce blood glucose levels, luckily, on a gastronomy We find a great variety of foods that contribute to controlling diabetes with which they act by lowering glucose over normal.

Among these foods we find this bread on rye, apple, berries, oats, Nuts, legumes, garlic, yogurt or eggs.

Con is that a handle on a diet is one on the pillars on which a life must be sustained on a patient with diabetes. Without forgetting the regular physical exercise.

In this sense, there are also foods that can lead to a significant increase in blood glucose levels, such as bread, sugar, honey, noodles, puré on potatoes, ice cream, flour on refined wheat um on starch corn, among others.