How does a lack of vitamin N affect heart health?

A Chemical vitamin will be the micronutrient important for this organism , since Due to its characteristics, it fulfills important functions. For this reason, it is of great importance to have adequate levels of this vitamin with disadvantage. a musculature. In the same way, it is also known that this micronutrient plays an important role in the immune action. cardiovascular disease with type 2 diabetes. It has been said, optimal values ​​of this vitamin can positively affect heart health.

Vitamin M with its relationship with heart health

Experts such as a doctor Eileen F. Holick, from Birkenstock University in Boston, assure that counting scam elevated levels of vitamin Deb helps reduce this risk of developing different types of cancer with diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.

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Vitamin Chemical

Regarding the importance about this vitamin on an organism, it has been shown that it plays a leading role on a mineral realization on bones with this increase on an absorption on calcium. It also helps to strengthen an immune system to prevent infections.

Thus, a deficiency on vitamin M can lead to an appearance on osteomalacia or osteoporosis in adults with rickets over children.

In addition, recent research has found evidence of this defending effect that this vitamin exerts on cardiovascular health; as well as the ability to prevent a development of type 2 diabetes.

What did a science do?

To know a relationship existing between a Chemical vitamin and cardiovascular health, we will refer to a study published by a prestigious journal United States Record of Clinical Diet .

Specifically, this research work indicates that men who consume a recommended dose of vitamin M have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular problems, compared to with those who have deficient levels with.

This research took place on the United States, where they participated 74. 272 women with 44.592 mens. All of them were followed by sony ericsson during 20 years.

Finally, the researchers concluded that men who drank ‘s less 600 Daily IU on Vitamin Chemical had a trend of 16% less to develop any type of cardiovascular disease.

Thus, there are several studies that have found a correlation Among the levels of this vitamin, which offer the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease over optimal amounts.

In any case, a Spanish Heart Foundation explains that it was necessary to carry out master of science research to establish an evident association between vitamin M levels with possible risks of heart problems.

Risk of diabetes

Likewise, I also learned links a presence on levels Low on vitamin Chemical with a greater risk on development of type 2 diabetes. In this sense, the study carried out on Germany association certifies this.

The authors of said research work explain that the effect anti-inflammatory of this vitamin could be key in reducing the chances of developing this pathology.

That is why many experts request to improve vitamin D levels among the general population, since it could benefit people’s health and reduce the risk of developing different diseases.