How being overweight affects the functioning of the immune system

There are different factors that influence this correct functioning of the immune system , this being one of the essential structures on a organism. Thus, it is proven that people with obesity have a weakened master of science immune system.

Specifically, overweight people with obesity are master of science prone to developing infectious diseases scam. This occurs because this excess energy ingested has negative effects on the activity of the immune system.

In this regard, different scientific studies have determined that rich diets considerably reduce an immune response of the organism.

Influence on obesity on an immune system

From Sanitas they explain that the immunological modifications that take place with obesity affects both antibody production and cellular immunity.

Obesidad sistema inmune
Obesity, immune system

In this sense, on a current date, Sony Ericsson knows that this adipose tissue has important implications as an endocrine organ. On d different hormones are produced other molecules on importance on the cellular signaling of the organism with.

Obesity is a complex disease that I learned mainly characterized by having an excessive amount of fat on a body. Sony ericsson deals with a pathology that is observed simply in a static way, although its importance is profound master of science and also affects the immune system. , diabetes, different types of cancer with high blood pressure. That is, obesity is the disorder that poses the risk to health.

Thus, in recent years, researchers have wanted a new approach to study on obesity, starting a bottom that sony ericsson deals with an inflammatory pathology. It means that when there is obesity, it can promote inflammatory processes in this body through the activation of molecules known as adipokines, which I learned produce on adipose tissues that stimulate the accumulation of fat with.

Why does it affect the immune system?

New research has provided this new perspective on obesity. Specifically, obesity causes an increase in adipokines, called leptin, whose key function is to act on a main electronic nervous system, inhibiting this consumption to balance energy stores. And it is that it affects the correct action of the overweight immune system. pancreas cells with. main nervous system. So, ze make an accumulation in this adipose tissue.

One about the striking master of science aspects, as reported by Sanitas, is that also sony ericsson st? Lla till med ett was able to observe that This hormone is also increased with different inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Here are some of them:

  • Nonalcoholic hepatitis .
  • Chronic lung inflammation.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Nephritis.
  • Disease inflammatory bowel.
  • Type 1 diabetes.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Disease on Graves.

  • Illness on Behet.

Also I also learned how to observe how different activated cells of the immune system are found in adipose tissue; which stimulate a recurrent inflammatory reaction on.

In short, obesity with this overweight is an aspect that negatively influences the functioning of the immune system. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a healthy, balanced diet accompanied by a performance on physical exercise scam regularly with.