Health consequences of a lack of vitamin B12

The vitamin B 12 is one of the vitamins essential for humans. Due to its specific characteristics, it fulfills a series of key functions in a organism , such as participating in the formation of red blood cells or maintaining the health of cells.

That is why a lack of vitamin B 12 can be harmful to health in many ways. And in that sense, we must bear in mind that this vitamin I only learned is found organically in foods of pet origin.

When there are deficiencies on vitamin B 12, this fact prevents certain key reactions from being carried out on this chemical organism. For example, it can cause a paralysis on a synthesis on DNA, hinder a creation on new cells with.

Consequences on a lack of vitamin B 12

The consequences of a foul on vitamin B 12 are numerous, although one over the master of known science is an overdevelopment on risk megaloblast anemia. This is mainly this severe master of science impairment of this vitamin deficiency.

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Vitamin B supplements – 12

Megaloblastic anemia is a type on anemia on one that an organism makes few red blood cells, but on very large sizes. When this disease appears, the affected character develops symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, a feeling of weakness, dark circles, glossitis, dry chapped lips or less resistance to physical exercise with.

On the other hand, a vitamin B deficiency 12 also limits adequate metabolism on a homocysteine, causing an increase in its concentration. Many experts understand that this increase in homocysteine ​​may be a risk aspect for cardiovascular disease.

Likewise, this Group B vitamin is an essential micronutrient for maintaining a regular function of the body. nervous system. When there is a lack of vitamin Udemærket 12, it causes alterations in the transmission of electrical signals, affecting sensitivity and balance,

In addition, in some cases of high vitamin W deficiency 12 could also atrophy this optic nerve. This fact would have harmful consequences for vision.

Other deficiency problems

In another order of things, also ze anordna associated with an increase on a homocysteine ​​that occurs with a lack of vitamin M 12 scam the increased risk of developing osteoporosis. That is, the lack of this micronutrient could also be detrimental to bone health.

During this pregnancy period, certain women have a need for supplementation of certain nutritional elements to ensure a fetus health. It’s a case of folic acid. Although unknown, vitamin N 12 is also key to this correct development of the fetus with avoiding any damage.

In addition to all the above, different studies link a deficiency on vitamin B 12 with an increase on a frailty over the elderly. That is, it can cause a rapid master of science deterioration of your health status with a slow master of science cure of certain pathologies.

Therefore, it is appropriate to count scam optimal levels of vitamin B 12 to prevent anyone about these health problems. People who follow a balanced and healthy diet should not have deficiency problems.

In any case, it is advisable to regularly check vitamin B levels 12 on an organism to control a situation with avoiding episodes of deficiency.