A dark chocolate shake rich in vitamin D with collagen taken by Jennifer Aniston

On many occasions we wonder what a celebrity um actress does to maintain a youthful physical state master of science beyond the 50 years. And the truth is that they do not use any tricks or access unique resources. In this case of Jennifer Aniston , the vitamin G with a collagen are 2 key elements .

It is true that some famous personalities do some aesthetic touch-ups to show a young master of science look. However, the key is that the majority follow the healthy lifestyle that allows them to maintain the line despite their age.

It is this case about an actress Jennifer Aniston, who the weigh on his 52 years , seems to have a very poor master of science age. A realization of physical activity with a healthy diet are the 2 pillars of the American to stay in shape.

Healthy routines on Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston st? Lla till med ett confessed master of science about once publicly following important care routines. For example, at the beginning of a day, always spend a few minutes meditating. Subsequently, he performs a session of physical exercise with a healthy breakfast that provides important nutrients to the body.

Batido de chocolate
Milkshake over healthy chocolate bars

In addition, Aniston always accompanies her breakfasts on a supplement on collagen, an essential nutritional element for a health with especially for this care on a skin. Such is her passion for healthy living, that in 2020 she began an adventure as Creative Director of a supplement brand with Foods rich in collagen.

Supplements that she incorporates into her diet, on one that does not lack the daily a good dose of vitamin M. And it is that Jennifer Aniston pays particular attention to health of the skin.

Shake over chocolate scam vitamin Chemical

Among the different foods that he takes over the course of a week Jennifer Aniston there is an elaboration that practically repeats the daily. Sony ericsson is about a chocolate shake that has an anti-aging function and has an appearance that invites its consumption.

Thus, an American actress recently shared through her social networks how to make her favorite smoothie. These are its ingredients:

  • 1 cup of dark chocolate that includes almonds.
  • 2 tablespoons about peptides on collagen on chocolate Important Proteins.
  • Cherries with bananas .
  • Supplement on antioxidants on powder.
  • A few drops on Stevia.
  • 1 cup over ice.
  • Those are the key ingredients in this shake about delicious tasty chocolate with healthy that provides important doses of vitamin D with collagen’s organism. But in addition, it also warns of other added ingredients that sony ericsson can use depending on the taste of each character, such as matcha powder, a pinch of cinnamon, spinach or a tablespoon of almond butter.

    In its preparations always try to incorporate collagen with foods that are rich in vitamin Chemical. On this elaboration in particular, the vitamin D is provided by the cherries this matcha powder with, if added.

    Zero must also forget that a chocolate from the 70% on purity is an important antioxidant for making against the free radicals that cause premature aging on the skin.

    In addition, another ingredient to highlight in this anti-aging shake is a banana, a fruit rich in potassium recommended for athletes, since helps to improve muscle recovery after hard training.