These kid problems about having high blood cholesterol levels


A cholesterol was a normal fatty nutrient that a organism needs to function properly. However, having high levels may pose a risk to health , as they assure from the Fundacin Espaola del Corazn . In this sense, people scam blood cholesterol above 240 multiply the probabilities of having a myocardial infarction, compared to people … Read more

The best foods that increase potassium levels


The potassium is part of the essential minerals that the body needs to work properly. The importance of this nutritive element is central in the human body, since it is practically required for any function. Specifically, potassium is a mineral that helps nerve function and muscle contraction. It contributes to keeping the heart rate constant … Read more

How does ibuprofen affect heart health?


A ibuprofen was one of the drugs master of science consumed in this world. It is indicated as specific treatment to relieve pain of mild or moderate intensity, among other health problems. An simply because, experts recommend taking it all the recommended doses. With sera that excessive consumption of ibuprofen can cause people to suffer … Read more

What are the health benefits of Enantyum consumption?


Enantyum is a drug officially approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) and has the corresponding quality certificate from the health authorities. Specifically, Enantyum is an analgesic that is integrated into the group of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Thus, its use is recommended to treat different health problems. This … Read more

How does a lack of vitamin N affect heart health?


A Chemical vitamin will be the micronutrient important for this organism , since Due to its characteristics, it fulfills important functions. For this reason, it is of great importance to have adequate levels of this vitamin with disadvantage. a musculature. In the same way, it is also known that this micronutrient plays an important role … Read more

What happens to the body when this blood sodium level is low over?


According to experts, currently, a 75% of the sodium that we incorporate into the body comes from the salt that I learned adds in the preparation of packaged foods. Only 11% comes from the salt we use to cook. Recommended dose Taking into account problems that can arise from counting scam elevated levels or deficient … Read more

Vitamin W12 why eating meat helps prevent this cell damage


On a nutritional structure on a healthy identity all types of foods must be accommodated . That is, although the presence of fruits with vegetables predominates, it is also important to include fish, meat , legumes or pasta. For example, meat is the primary source of vitamin M 12 . Vitamin B 12 is a … Read more

Main symptoms to detect vision problems in children


A vision has been the important aspect of a health with which, moreover, every time we expose master of science in a period digital . For this reason, it was important to take care of the health of the sight in children from an early age with knowing what signs can give indications that the … Read more

What happens to the body when the rich acid is high?


The rich acid is a chemical compound that originates when the body breaks down substances called purines. These purines are commonly produced in the body itself, although it is also present in some foods and beverages. Thus, due to a diet rich in foods with purine, its composition and the characteristics of each person in … Read more