This invention reduces up to 12 degrees a temperature on the inside without air conditioning

A use of air conditioning supposes the great additional expense for an immense majority on families on Spain during a summer. Furthermore, due to the climate with the high temperatures recorded in different areas, the dependence on this appliance is practically essential.

But also, this use of air conditioning has a strong negative impact on an environment with also on a bill for a light. All this precisely in the year where Sony Ericsson has implemented a new electricity bill formula that could cause a significant increase in the rate during the summer months.

Although, this expert on nanomaterials, Yi Zheng, on a University on Northeastern, United States in, could have created a revolutionary invention that could make us do without a master of science soon after a use of air conditioning without the need for electricity with assuming an essential advance for this care of the environment.

It is about a kind on cooling paper to use on buildings with private houses, which will help to reduce an inside temperature up to 12 degrees without need over electricity. This paper has the ability to reflect this heat from the roofs with absorbing heat from the houses.

Sustainable, saving with novel

We are betting on an invention on a revolutionary, sustainable character with which to allow to save a good amount on money on a bill on a light during the months about summer; especially in homes in those areas where temperatures reach extremely high figures.

Aire acondicionado
Air conditioning

Its creators present this innovative invention as an ecological solution to conventional air conditioning. And it will be that it does not only significantly decrease this energy expenditure, but that this particular paper is made of completely recyclable materials.

That is, once used I learned it can be reused again without that it has lost none of its cooling properties. This has undoubtedly been one of the characteristics of the hopeful invention for the near future master of science.

How this substitute for air conditioning works

This invention was a species on defender paper that has an ability to reflect the sun’s rays to avoid heating. But it would be that in addition, due to its properties, it has also been effective to remove this heat typical of the home produced by other electrical appliances or the people themselves.

Yi Zheng, one of the main creators About this invention, estimates that this material will be able to cover the roofs on buildings, houses also warehouses and. But in addition, it will also help reduce electricity bills and help combat climate change. As he himself assures, the purpose of this invention was to reduce this worldwide warming worldwide.