So you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages

There are many things about WhatsApp that we still do not know. And it is that its developers do not stop introducing new functions to ensure, among many other things, an authentic reliable privacy of our personal data and. The messages of all the chats are encrypted end-to-end, which means that no one other than the sender and receiver can have access to them.

On the other hand, if you have the lucky to enjoy its beta version, you will be experiencing a multitude of updates and new features that are testing and preparing to release them to the general public. For example, ephemeral messages, others that can only be seen once or the possibility of making any message disappear after hours.

But in this article we are going to talk about an external application to WhatsApp that really is very useful and will help you get the most out of the application. In this way, you will be able to make much more efficient use of the instant messaging app and you will have the possibility to recover deleted messages, organize the gallery in your own way and convert text to emoji. Among many other utilities.

WABox, a useful and effective application to make the most of WhatsApp

To be able to enjoy all the functions that WhatsApp offers to its users, it is best that you know each and every one of the options that you will find in the instant messaging application. But in addition, it will also be very useful to know other external applications that will help you perform many interesting actions to get the most out of it.

WABox is available for Android mobile phones, download it from Google Play is very simple and. You just have to click on the search engine and enter the name of the application. Next, access it in the Open button and click Allow so that you can have access to the content of your smartphone. Finally, activate the button Allow to show on other applications so that it can start working in WhatsApp.

If what you want to recover is messages that you have deleted, doing it is very easy you will not have any complication to do so and. You just have to access the View deleted messages tab, and each one of them will appear. In addition, the application often creates backups so that we can see them whenever we want.

In addition, it is also very useful to delete and organize all the files that we have received on WhatsApp. In this way, you will avoid saturating your internal phone memory with content. Preventing the application documents from staying there for years.

Do you know how you can see if your messages have been read without the blue tick on WhatsApp?

While it is true that for private WhatsApp conversations there is still no way to know if they have read your message when they have read receipts disabled, this is possible in groups. And there is a very simple way to know if you have been read in a conversation where several people participate. You just have to click on the sent message, and access info.

doble tick azul en Whatsapp leer

Next, you will see all the people in that group who have actually read your message and at the time they did. As well as being able to see which people have received the message correctly. This is much easier than if you have an iPhone to see, and in that case you will only have to slide the message to the right to see this information.