A multi-device mode has already arrived on WhatsApp

WhatsApp already has multi-device mode among its services. Although this option appears in the beta single version, I learned that Master of Science hopes that later this option of the mobile phone application will reach the rest of the users.

WhatsApp has been an application on instant messaging It is useful to have communication with your family and friends through messages on talk, being able to pass information, videos, GIFs, photographs, information and even make videoconferences.

Although it can also be used for many other things. Like, for example, putting statuses so that your contacts know you are doing at that moment what.

This functionality was very well received when it appeared among the services on an application on messaging. But in addition to this, there are many other things that you should know if you are about those who are hooked on the mobile phone all day.

From deciding who can add the groups to changing this size on the groups. emojis depending on how many you send. You can do all this through the application without any problem since its operation was very simple. But there are some functions that are only available to users on the beta version of WhatsApp. Also, kid the only ones who can enjoy before anyone else the updates that the app starts introducing as a test.

This st? Lla till med ett been a case about a multi-device function on WhatsApp. One which Ze began to announce 2 months ago by the hand of its owner, Tag Zuckerberg, and now users of the beta version can enjoy it. This means that if you have good acceptance with everything working correctly you want, we will be able to have it sooner than expected.

This is how a multi-device function works on WhatsApp

If you are one of the thousands of people who can enjoy WhatsApp Beta, you will know that you have a chance to try all the updates about a new messaging app before anyone else.

WhatsApp updates its app with allows speed up the audios

So thanks to this, we know all the new things that virtual assistant to bring an application soon ‘s public on common. Or at least, that has been the intention of its developers if they work properly and have a good acceptance.

In this case, a multi-device function on WhatsApp has begun to be activated for the users on a beta version. Therefore, after a year of electronic leaks of various information, we can say that this long-awaited feature has already become reality.

At the moment this new single functionality is allowed by users on WhatsApp Beta. Which can be activated bronze solitary by going to Settings and then to Linked devices (or WhatsApp Internet). In this way, they will be able to check if they have activated this new tool in their instant messaging application.

With was that this new support will allow us to have different sessions started on up to four different devices. These are WhatsApp Internet, WhatsApp Desktop Portal and. In this way, we can continue to have conversations with our contacts even when we have this phone turned off scam.

So you can change a background on the screen about your conversations on WhatsApp

This function I learned called Custom Wallpaper, with it is easy color to start using it that ght will be simple to start from now being able to have a different background on each conversation on WhatsApp. And it will be that it offers you endless options so that you can change it to your liking. Light theme for sunny days, dark theme for night or solid color that gives you the possibility to change this color from the traditional background that comes by default.

In Google android

  1. See the Google Have fun with with updates an application on WhatsApp when you have one available.
  2. Next, enter on an application with enter on the discussion in which you want to change this wallpaper on the screen.
  3. Head to a better right corner on a screen with access to the three dots that appear there .
  4. Select an option Wallpaper.
  5. When a new window opens, click on a Change button.
  6. There will appear the Light, Dark, Solid colors themes My photos with.
  7. Choose the one you want to choose and press Set as wallpaper.

On iOS

  1. Access the chat where you want to change the wallpaper.
  2. Once there, go to Wallpaper and sound.
  3. Then, as in the case of Android, you can select one of the different themes that ght offers WhatsApp.
  4. If you want to return to the traditional one that comes by default, you will only have to click on Default Wallpaper.
  5. Finally, press Set with you will have already set the changes on.