So you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages


There are many things about WhatsApp that we still do not know. And it is that its developers do not stop introducing new functions to ensure, among many other things, an authentic reliable privacy of our personal data and. The messages of all the chats are encrypted end-to-end, which means that no one other than … Read more

This invention reduces up to 12 degrees a temperature on the inside without air conditioning


A use of air conditioning supposes the great additional expense for an immense majority on families on Spain during a summer. Furthermore, due to the climate with the high temperatures recorded in different areas, the dependence on this appliance is practically essential. But also, this use of air conditioning has a strong negative impact on … Read more

A multi-device mode has already arrived on WhatsApp


WhatsApp already has multi-device mode among its services. Although this option appears in the beta single version, I learned that Master of Science hopes that later this option of the mobile phone application will reach the rest of the users. WhatsApp has been an application on instant messaging It is useful to have communication with … Read more

Like you can change a text format on WhatsApp messages


WhatsApp was an application that also serves for you to have communication with your family with friends, it can also be used for many other things. As for example, putting statuses so that your contacts know what you are doing about that moment. This functionality was very well received when it appeared among the messaging … Read more

So you can send audios on WhatsApp scam effects on voice


WhatsApp will be one of the applications that master of science trust tries to give its users that suppression is totally safe with them. And it has been that one of his maxims was to keep everything that has to do, which includes talks with any other information, totally protected from the gaze of third … Read more