Remember the highlights of 20 years of US occupation in Afghanistan – 08/30/2021 – World

After 20 years of intervention in Afghanistan, with military occupation, fight against the extremist Taliban group, changes in American public opinion and a withdrawal full of questions, the United States announced at the end of the afternoon of this Monday (30) to have withdrawn their troops from the country. The mission, the longest war the … Read more

Biden normalizes old “war on terror” with withdrawal from Afghanistan – 08/30/21 – World

From a strategic standpoint, the 7,268 days of US-led military presence has never been justified beyond its initial kick-off. The 2001 “casus belli”, the Taliban’s punishment for failing to hand over Osama bin Laden and his colleagues, was quickly respected when the group had to flee Kabul just over a month after the fall of … Read more

United States ends withdrawal from Afghanistan and 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan – 08/30/2021 – world

The United States completed the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on Monday afternoon (30 GMT), ending the country’s longest war. More than 122,000 people have been evacuated from Kabul since August 14, the day before the takeover by the fundamentalist group Taliban, which was overthrown in the 2001 US invasion. The withdrawal deadline proposed by … Read more

Failure, the American exit from Afghanistan does not meet its objective – 08/30/2021 – Yascha Mounk

The conquest of Afghanistan by the Taliban is a major disaster. It is a great disaster for the Afghan people, who will now have to live under a theocratic regime that suppresses their most basic freedoms, ruthlessly punishes dissidents and proudly oppresses women. This is a major disaster for many countries in the region, which … Read more

Taliban have changed in 20 years and we must negotiate, says former British minister – 08/30/2021 – Worldwide

When Labor landslide Tony Blair won the 1997 UK election, becoming Prime Minister after 18 years of Tory rule, he assembled a cabinet filled with figures who exuded energy and promised a new political era. One of the most charismatic faces of the “new job” was Congresswoman Clare Short, who was given a role suited … Read more

European Union removes US, Israel from list of safe countries for travelers – 08/30/2021 – Worldwide

The European Union has removed the United States and Israel from its list of safe countries for travelers during the pandemic. This Monday (30), the bloc governments decided to remove these countries and four others from the list. In practice, tourists arriving from these places may be subject to more stringent controls, such as mandatory … Read more

Bolsonaro cites Biden’s “obsession” with environmental issues, says it hinders Brazil – 08/30/21 – World

President Jair Bolsonaro said on Monday (30) that US President Joe Biden has “almost an obsession with the environmental issue” and that this “has bothered” the Brazilian government a little. The statements were made during an interview with a radio station in Goiás. “For me, Brazil has its doors open and ready to continue the … Read more