Without Brazil, countries strike deal with Taliban for safe exit from Afghanistan – 08/29/2021 – world

Nearly 100 countries have struck a deal with the Taliban, an extremist group that seized power in Afghanistan this month, for the safe exit of foreigners from the country. Brazil is out of the document released today by the United States government.

In a climate of insecurity since the arrival of the extremist group in Kabul on August 15, the evacuation of civilians from Afghanistan is a priority for several countries, with daily flights. Now, with the deal, the Taliban have pledged not to prevent the departure of foreigners even after next Tuesday (31), when US troops intend to leave the country completely.

UOL has contacted the Foreign Ministry to find out why Brazil is not part of the group and what has been done to ensure the safety of Brazilians who are still in the country, but there has been no response until the last update.

In a statement released on Sunday, the US State Department said it had received assurances on passenger safety and that any citizen of another country will be able to leave Afghanistan freely.

“We are all determined to ensure that our citizens, workers, Afghans who have worked with us and who are in danger can continue to travel freely outside Afghanistan,” the text reads.

The note is signed by 97 countries from all continents, from Belize to France, from the United States to Togo, from Haiti to Fiji, but not by Brazil. This does not mean, however, that Brazilian citizens are not covered by the agreement.

According to the text, the international group has “clear expectations of the engagement of the Taliban” and that they understand this confirmation by the group.

The note was released this Sunday morning, and there has been no official statement from the Taliban.

Chaos in Kabul

Since the 15th, when the Taliban took the capital, the city has been in chaos. Kabul International Airport is the main departure point for anyone wishing to leave the country – and also one of the most chaotic places in Afghanistan.

This Sunday, a US military drone detonated a car bomb operated by ISIS in the Afghan capital.

The defense ministry agency responsible for operations in the Greater Middle East and parts of Asia said the car bomb was used in an attack in the area of ​​Kabul airport, already affected by claimed explosions by the terrorist group. Thursday.-Monday (26).

Brazilian rescue

Last Friday (27), Itamaraty announced that he was able to save a Brazilian and his family from Afghanistan. They have been sent to Madrid, Spain, and there are still no plans for their return to Brazil.

At UOL, the ministry informed that everyone was doing well and stressed that the rescue was a joint action with the German and Spanish governments. The Brazilian and his family, who do not have Brazilian citizenship, left Afghanistan on a flight that took diplomats, allies and the military out of the country.

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