United States launches new airstrike in Afghanistan – 08/29/2021 – world

Less than two days before the deadline for the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United States carried out a new military attack on Sunday (29) in Kabul.

An official, who declined to be identified, said the target was a car bomb preparing to attack the airport on suspicion of being part of the Afghan Islamic State cell of the Islamic State.

The US government has not officially confirmed the attack, and there is still no information on the victims.

Journalists from Agence France Presse report hearing an explosion this Sunday afternoon (local time) near Kabul airport – which was the scene of an attack that left nearly 200 dead, including 13 soldiers Americans, Thursday (26).

The airport is a gateway for foreign and Afghan civilians trying to leave the country after the fundamentalist Taliban group seized power two weeks ago.

On Saturday evening (28), the US Embassy in Kabul issued the third alert of the week for the Americans to immediately leave the area of ​​Hamid Karzai International Airport and avoid going there due to a “specific threat and credible “.

Earlier this Saturday, US President Joe Biden warned of new threats. “Our commanders have informed me that it is very likely [que haja] an attack in the next 24 hours to 36 hours. I have determined that they are taking all possible measures to prioritize force protection. “

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