US reaction killed two architects in Kabul bombing, Pentagon says – 08/28/2021 – World

The US drone strike, in response to an attack that killed nearly 200 people in Kabul, killed two ISIS operatives who planned the suicide bombing at the airport in Afghanistan.

The information was made public this Saturday (28) by the United States Department of Defense.

“I can confirm that two high ranking ISIS targets were killed, one was injured and we do not know of any civilian casualties,” Gen. Hank Taylor said of the operation on Saturday morning (local time ) in a nearby mountainous region. .from the Pakistani border.

The reaction of the US military, which injured a third member of the terrorist group’s Afghan cell, came days before President Joe Biden’s deadline for the complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan – after two decades of occupation which put an end to the resumption of power. by the Taliban.

The Pentagon also said the military had started to leave the country after two weeks of overcrowded flights trying to evacuate Americans, allies and Afghans for fear of the new government at the hands of the fundamentalist group.

Most of the gates at Kabul International Airport were closed on Saturday and few people can access them.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are still trying to flee the country – many collaborated with Westerners during the US military occupation – but the crowds that have filled the airstrips and surrounding airports in recent days have dispersed.

Small groups that could still embark are subject to rigorous control, due to the risk of new bombings, such as the one on Thursday (26).

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