Hurricane Ida: New Orleans orders evacuation while preparing for possible direct impact – 08/28/2021 – World

The mayor of New Orleans has ordered the evacuation of unprotected neighborhoods from flooding as the city braces for a possible direct impact from a storm stronger than Hurricane Katrina, which left a trail of destruction there exactly 16 years ago. “What I’m told is this storm is not going to subside,” Mayor LaToya Cantrell … Read more

Our daily green – Normalitas

Sunday morning and I explore another part of Barcelona, ​​hitherto unknown to me, in the district of Sants-Montjuïc. And look, I’ve been in this city for years. Without wanting to, at the bend of a bend, I discovered, for example, the Jardin des Droits de l’Homme, an oasis nestled between residential buildings and a house … Read more

Climate and Afghanistan heat up home stretch of elections in Germany – 28/08/2021 – world

Climate disasters and the crisis in Afghanistan will further heat up the already confused elections to succeed Angela Merkel, who led Germany for 16 years. Less than a month before the election, an increase in voting intentions places three parties in a technical equality: the Christian-conservatives of the Union (CDU-CSU), the Social Democrats (SPD) and … Read more

How a suicide bomber approached as US soldiers searched Afghans – 08/28/2021 – world

The suicide bomber waited until the last possible moment, US officials said. Crowds entering Hamid Karzai International Airport were concentrated at the abbey gate, a main entrance guarded by marines and other military personnel. The troops knew they could be the target of an attack; the day before, the State Department had warned of a … Read more

Former Afghanistan captain called a prostitute for playing football – 08/28/2021 – Sport

Seeing the desperation of men and women to leave Afghanistan, Khalida Popal, 30, cried. When asked, she struggles to find a word to define what she is feeling. Anger, sadness, depression, emptiness. “Sleeping has been very difficult,” she confides, constantly requested by journalists in recent days. After the double bombing at Kabul airport last Thursday … Read more

Afghanistan is once again the air withdrawal stage, 92 years after hosting the 1st in history – 08/28/2021 – World

A civil war engulfs rival tribal factions and the government engulfs Afghanistan, forcing Westerners living in Kabul to flee the country through an improvised air retreat operation. To the delight of followers, Nietschzéens or religious, of the notion of eternal return, the paragraph above does not necessarily summarize the vertigo of events in the Asian … Read more

Prosecutor’s Office calls for Brazil to welcome Afghan judges and other refugees from the country – 28/08/2021 – World

The federal public prosecutor published on Saturday (28) a public note asking the Brazilian government to take an urgent position on the reception of Afghan refugees and recalling that the deadline for the withdrawal of the United States from the country expires on the 31st, which should make it even more difficult plus the already … Read more