Kabul airport bombing death toll rises to 108 – 08/27/21 – World

At least 95 Afghans and 13 US servicemen were killed in the Kabul airport bombing, bringing the total number of victims to 108, according to the Associated Press news agency. Among the Afghans, at least 28 were members of the Taliban. The attack was claimed by Islamic State Khorasan, the arm of ISIS created in 2014.

US President Joe Biden lamented the deaths and vowed revenge on the perpetrators, but reaffirmed he believed he made the right decision to shut down the operation in the country, saying it would prevent the loss of more American lives. The Democrat also promised to rescue the Americans and their Afghan allies still in the country.

Other countries also accelerated the evacuation process after the attack. Spain has said that its entire diplomatic contingent has already been withdrawn from Afghanistan and is in Dubai. The UK has also entered the final stages of its bailout, with the UK Ministry of Defense saying it will no longer summon people to Kabul airport.

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