Government saves family with Brazilian man in Afghanistan – 08/27/2021 – world

The federal government managed to rescue a Brazilian and his family in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The group arrived this Friday (27) in Madrid, Spain.

According to Itamaraty, there are five identified Brazilian citizens in the country; among them, two had asked for help to leave Afghanistan – which has seen, in recent days, the return of the Taliban to power, a troubled withdrawal of Western troops and a bombardment that has killed at least 180 people.

“Thanks to diplomatic efforts, it was possible to rescue a Brazilian who arrived in Madrid today with his family. All are in good health, ”informs the press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Itamaraty remains in close contact with the countries operating in the region to allow the rapid withdrawal of citizens still located on Afghan territory, as well as their families.”

According to interlocutors in the case, the group arrived in Madrid on Friday has a naturalized Brazilian Afghan and five relatives.

On the 19th, Folha revealed that Brazil was already seeking a place on humanitarian flights to rescue Brazilians who asked for help to leave the country after the Taliban seized power.

The deportation of the families takes place in a chaos scenario in Afghanistan, after the Kabul airport attacks. So far, there is no trace of Brazilians among the wounded and victims of the blasts, claimed by ISIS Khorasan, the Afghan branch of ISIS and enemy of the group that seized power in Afghanistan. .

The Brazilian government, in a statement, condemned the attacks “in the strongest terms”. “They have caused injuries and deaths and endangered the ongoing evacuation and humanitarian aid operations,” the ministry said. Itamaraty also demanded that the protection of civilians, access to humanitarian aid and respect for human rights be guaranteed.

US President Joe Biden has vowed revenge on the suicide bombers and has already started sharing information with hitherto rival Taliban to prevent further attacks.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the country “is prepared and expects further attacks.”

Today, there are few Afghan refugees on Brazilian territory: 162 already recognized and 49 with ongoing procedures, according to updated data from the Ministry of Justice.

An increase in the number of citizens leaving Afghanistan is now expected, and Brazil may be an option for some of them, especially those who already have relatives or acquaintances here.

Thousands of Afghans fearing the fundamentalist group’s new regime have flocked to Kabul airport in recent days, seeking to leave the country – in episodes that have left people dead and injured.

On the 16th, Jair Bolsonaro’s government issued a statement expressing its “deep concern at the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the serious human rights violations” following the Taliban’s seizure of power.

In the statement, the file indicates that there is no trace of Brazilians living or in transit in Afghanistan. Brazil does not have an embassy in the country today.

The diplomatic mission responsible for dealing with issues related to Afghanistan is located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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