Bobby Kennedy Killer may be granted parole in the United States – 8/27/2021 – Worldwide

Imprisoned for more than 50 years after confessing to murdering US Senator Robert Kennedy (1925-1968), Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan, 77, has been given the green light by the California State Probation Commission to get out of prison and be granted parole . The recommendation, published this Friday (27), however, still has to be considered by a … Read more

Afghans living near Washington unite to help refugees – 08/27/21 – Worldwide

When news broke of the arrival of Afghan refugees on the outskirts of Washington, calls for help escalated. Within days, however, they were no longer needed: diapers, blankets and food-filled spaces for donations, and fundraising was suspended in many places. The Taliban’s resumption of power and the ensuing chaos in Kabul, with crowds around the … Read more

Refugees ask Brazil to grant humanitarian visas to Afghans “before it’s too late” – 27/08/21 – World

“Itamaraty, help our family”; “The Taliban are a group of terrorists”; “Late diplomacy is unnecessary”; “Humanitarian emergency”. With posters like these, a group of eight Afghans and two Brazilians gathered this Friday (27) in front of the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in São Paulo, in the Jardim América district. They ask the … Read more

After 100 days of government, Lasso turns the game of the pandemic over to Ecuador – Sylvia Colombo

The harshest first images of the coronavirus pandemic in South America came from the coastal city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. There were bodies abandoned in the streets, collapsed hospitals, people buried in mass graves. A year later, during a visit to the site, I heard terrible stories from its inhabitants, including those of people who did … Read more

Texas Republicans beat Democratic resistance, pass reform that restricts voting – 8/27/21 – Worldwide

With a Republican majority, the Texas State House approved this Friday (27) a controversial electoral reform bill that makes it difficult to access the vote. The text, which has replicas in other US states, had been the target of constant disputes. Two weeks ago, the content received approval from the State Senate, a chamber in … Read more

Pedro Castillo has cabinet approved in Peru after marathon in Congress – 08/27/21 – Worldwide

After a two-long marathon – a 12-hour session on Thursday (26) and a 6-hour session on Friday (27) – the Peruvian Congress has approved the ministerial cabinet appointed by left-wing President Pedro Castillo. The vote was a sort of first fire test for Castillo. Parliament granted confidence with 73 votes for and 50 against – … Read more

Book delves deeper into the damage the War on Terror has done to American democracy – 08/27/21 – World

This Thursday (26) afternoon, US President Joe Biden responded to the explosions that left at least 180 dead at Kabul airport with a threat to the arm of the terrorist organization Islamic State which resumed the attack: “We’re going to hunt them down and make them pay. We will respond forcefully and accurately at our … Read more

Attack in Afghanistan had one suicide bomber at the airport, not two, Pentagon says – 8/27/21 – World

The bombing of the Kabul international airport in Afghanistan, which killed more than 100 people on Thursday (26), left only one suicide bomber, not two, the US Department of Defense said, correcting information that the agency itself had given the day before. Until then, it was believed that there had been two explosions, one at … Read more