Supreme Court rules back on Trump’s anti-immigration measure in US – 8/24/2021 – world

In a defeat for the President of the United States, Joe Biden, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday (24) that an immigration policy from the time of Donald Trump is again in effect.

The measure, which became known as Remain in Mexico (and by the acronym MPP, the program’s official name in English), was one of the Republican’s management banners. Thanks to her, undocumented immigrants – with the exception of Mexicans – who arrived in the United States by land, from the Latin American country, were sent back across the border awaiting the processing of their asylum claims by US courts.

At the start of Democrat Biden in the White House, the administration stopped including immigrants in the MPP, which by that time had already affected 65,000 people, and ordered a review of the program, which ended more late.

The move came in a series of executive orders aimed at rescinding the Trump administration’s programs. “It’s not about making new laws, it’s about eliminating bad policies,” Biden said at the time. The immigration ban was one of the major themes explored by Trump in the presidential campaign.

Months later, the governments of Texas and Missouri filed a lawsuit to reclaim the program, a request that was granted in Texas courts in early August. The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected the Biden administration’s request to overturn the ruling.

The tribunal is made up of nine judges and today has a Conservative bias – three of them were appointed by Trump. The three most liberal figures were defeated in the judgment.

As the Washington Post reported, the Biden administration failed to provide adequate legal justifications to change the program.

Union lawyer Brian H. Fletcher criticized the decision. “The order to abruptly relocate and keep this program under judicial control will undermine US relations with vital regional partners and disrupt border operations. It also threatens to create a diplomatic and humanitarian crisis.”

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