China reduces delta “to zero” in just over a month – 08/24/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the statement from the Beijing Global Times, linked to a PC, “China has tamed the last wave induced by the delta in 35 days”. American Bloomberg (below, on Instagram) believes it even took less, “How China reduced local Covid cases to zero in 33 days.”

For CNN, “China could become the first country in the world to control a major delta epidemic.”

The news made headlines from the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, to the Financial Nikkei, Tokyo. A week ago, the Sinocism newsletter, which accompanies the news in Chinese, already stated that “the latest epidemic appears to be under control”.

The reduction of the delta to zero coincided with the increase in Chinese vaccination, spurred by the threat of the variant. It is on the verge of reaching 2 billion doses, according to the Our World in Data site.

The WG now hears and emphasizes, from a specialist at Beijing University Hospital, that the reduction was the result of the “zero tolerance strategy” adopted in the country, which was questioned last month.

Bloomberg repeatedly insists on “mass testing of entire cities,” but wonders if the strategy can be replicated. He says that the economic cost of “zero tolerance” will be great and that “it is not known how long the victory will last”.

The Beijing Caixin, meanwhile, turns to Bloomberg itself to point out that “the ships have resumed their berthing operations at Ningbo, raising optimism that full activity will be restored in one of the busiest ports in the world “.

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