Deaths return to March levels in US and Covid threatens Democrats – 08/22/2021 – Nelson de Sá

On Saturday’s New York Times homepage, for the first time since March, Covid deaths in the United States fell from 1,000 on average over seven days, to 99% in two weeks (below) . On July 7, before going up, they were at 175.

In the same direction, hospitalizations now reach 88,700, a jump of 43% in two weeks.

And on Sunday, the newspaper ran an article about “the alarm” of Democrats, hearing from more than 40 of them and noting that they fear losing a majority in Congress in next year’s election if the situation worsens with the pandemic or in Afghanistan. .

“If the virus continues to worsen or if the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates further, many allies of President Joe Biden fear he will lose the confidence of moderate voters who have led his party to victory in 2020,” he said declared the NYT.

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