Bolsonaro is making more and more ‘noise’ and inflation is skyrocketing – 08/22/2021 – Nelson de Sá

He echoed by Bloomberg and others the Associated Press dispatch that quoted two “high-level” officials reporting that Jair Bolsonaro had expressed a desire to intervene in the central bank.

It was “a few hours later” after Roberto Campos Neto, whom he placed in British Columbia, said at an event organized by the Americas Society / Council of the Americas (image below), of the United States, that “higher noise levels” in politics raise inflation in the country to almost 9%.

Campos underlined “the uncertainty in the institutional part of the functioning of Brazil and in the conflict between the powers”. And that “the market ties some of the things the government does to the election,” in the case of increased spending, “and that creates additional noise.”


Brazil has been blamed for the inflation of agricultural commodities, from the United States to China.

The New York Times, under the headline “Prepare to Pay More for Your Morning Coffee”, states that “climatic shocks in Brazil and bottlenecks in shipments have pushed the price of coffee even higher”, citing drought and cold.

Meanwhile, Pengpai of Shanghai released the report “Brazil continues to suffer from frequent droughts and frosts, and international sugar prices have hit a new four-year high.”


And the Financial Times, under the headline “Climate shocks in Brazil affect global commodity markets,” in addition to coffee and sugar, listed corn and livestock. He linked the drought to the “destruction of the Amazon” and added to the frosts the expectation of a repeat of the La Niña phenomenon.


In the Brazilian edition of the French publication (above), “Scenarios on the future of the Bolsonaro government: impeachment, re-election, coup d’état …”.

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