The devil, the cloud and a few tears – Normalitas

What do cellophane clouds, fiery devils and planetary systems have in common? If you started Carnival, almost. (I’d kick Terry Gilliam, but I’m romantic) Here in Spain, carnival is not like Aqueeeela Date Do Corazón as it is for us in Brazel. Honorable exceptions can be the internationally renowned carnivals in Tenerife or Cadiz. Despite … Read more

United States extends Afghan withdrawal to countries in Europe and Middle East – 8/20/2021 – Worldwide

Countries in Europe and the Middle East have agreed to help the United States provide temporary accommodation for those evacuated from Afghanistan. The information was confirmed to Reuters on Friday (20) by US officials, who said the country’s base in Qatar had reached full capacity. The United States is organizing the withdrawal of thousands of … Read more

Former Bolivian President Jeanine Áñez accused of genocide by Attorney General – 20/08/21 – World

The Bolivian prosecution filed on Friday (20) an indictment against the former interim president Jeanine ñez for “genocide” and other crimes, due to the death of twenty opposition protesters in 2019. Opponent to former President Evo Morales, ñez was the Senate’s second vice-president when he resigned in November 2019 and was proclaimed interim president. She … Read more

The fear of contamination by the Covid in the United States returns to the level of the last peak of the country – 20/08/2021 – World

Anxiety over Covid-19 in the United States is at its highest level since the American winter, which occurs between December and March in the northern hemisphere. New research shows that 41% of those polled are extremely or very concerned that they or their families may be infected with the virus, a percentage similar to January, … Read more

The Afghan crisis and the withdrawal of American troops strengthen the alliance between Israel and the Arab countries – 08/20/2021 – Jaime Spitzcovsky

The most relevant diplomatic initiative of the Middle East in decades, the Abrahamic accords, the normalization of relations between Israel and four Arab countries, completed one year and received, at the same time, an impetus as a reflection of the Afghan crisis. The Kabul tragedy highlighted a fundamental element that brought former enemies of the … Read more

It’s not bad luck, Haiti’s drama is poverty and a history of abuse – Sylvia Colombo

The chain of tragedies unfolding in Haiti today as in the past has raised a frequent question: “why is the country so unlucky?” “. In just over a month, Haitians witnessed the assassination of a president and another earthquake, which claimed at least 2,000 lives. The lightness of the investigation, however, overshadows the truth. The … Read more

The military plane that took off from overcrowded Afghanistan had 823 passengers – 08/20/21 – Worldwide

The US military plane that took off from Afghanistan last Sunday (15) overcrowded with passengers trying to flee the country after the Taliban takeover numbered 823 people, the Pentagon confirmed on Friday (20). Photos of the interior of the crowded C-17 Globemaster III have gone viral on social media. At first, it was estimated that … Read more