Afghans in Brazil remember their childhood under the Taliban and try to save loved ones from a distance – 19/08/21 – World

Via video call, Fazal Ahmed speaks with a friend in Afghanistan, who shows two bullet holes in the wall and family belongings tied with ropes, ready to escape. Still on his cell phone, Ahmed’s brother, the rabbi, shows a photo of his smiling wife, her hair covered in a printed scarf, and says he fears … Read more

Embassy warned Biden secretary in July of Afghan capital collapse, newspaper says – 08/19/2021 – Mundo

About 20 State Department officials working at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul on July 13 sent an internal memo to Secretary Antony Blinken and another senior cabinet official warning of the potential collapse of the government. Afghan capital shortly after August 31, the deadline for the US withdrawal. troops. The information was published by the … Read more

TJ-DF acquits former president of the Court of Human Rights accused of assaulting his ex-wife – 19/08/2021 – World

The first criminal chamber of the Federal District Court of Justice acquitted this Thursday (19), by 2 votes to 1, the former president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Roberto Caldas, convicted last year, in trial, on charges of assaulting his ex-wife, Michella Marys. The decision can be appealed. The case came to light … Read more

Afghans are starting to arrive, Europe is afraid to repeat 2015 – 08/19/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the headline of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, “Nobody Wants Them”, with a photo of a woman and young Afghans (below). And the Süddeutsche Zeitung, “Where do the escape routes from Afghanistan to Europe”, predicting “hundreds of thousands”. Below, in the FAZ, “The first Afghans arrive in Germany and are distributed to the Länder by … Read more

Islamic law has different interpretations; understanding what is at stake for the afghans – 08/19/2021 – world

The radical Taliban organization’s statement that it will respect women’s rights “under Islamic law” does not say much in itself. It is evident that the prospect of a dramatic deterioration in the lives of Afghan women is evident. What is not clear is how it will play out. Islamic law, also known as sharia, is … Read more