Esoteric and authoritarian, Rosario Murillo is the face of the dictatorship in Nicaragua – 14/08/2021 – World

At 20, Rosario Murillo began working as a secretary for Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, director of the newspaper La Prensa, bastion of resistance to the tyranny of Anastasio Somoza, in Nicaragua. In his free time he wrote poetry and attended literary evenings. She came from an aristocratic family, had studied in Europe and dreamed of being … Read more

Scientists use magnets and nanoparticles in testicles to prevent males in rats

Scientists have developed biodegradable and magnetic nanoparticles that are used as a method of contraception in male rodents. Although it was only made in rats, it could serve as inspiration for the development of male birth control methods for humans in the future. The research was published in the American Chemical Society’s journal Nano Letters. … Read more

‘Kill anyone who does not quit Western culture’: Taliban fighters address BBC amid progress in Afghanistan – 14/08/21 – World

The Taliban fighters we encountered are stationed just 30 minutes from one of Afghanistan’s largest cities, Mazar-i-Sharif, capital of Bactro province. The “ghanimat,” or instruments of war, which they display includes a Humvee military utility vehicle, two pickup trucks and a series of powerful machine guns. At the center of a heavily armed crowd is … Read more

Afghan President says mobilizing forces against Taliban priority – 14/08/2021 – world

Suspected of being able to resign from office and with few public statements since the Taliban resumed an offensive in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani said on Saturday (14) that he was discussing with Afghan leaders and international partners and that his priority was to re-mobilize the troops. the country, which quickly succumbs to the advance … Read more

Popular support for returning troops backs Biden out of Afghanistan – 8/14/2021 – world

Joe Biden has stuck with both feet in his pledge to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, despite the rapid advance of the Taliban and deteriorating security in the predominantly Muslim country. “I do not regret my decision,” he said on Tuesday as the extremist group reclaims areas of Afghan territory formerly controlled by democratically elected … Read more

The militarization of civilian posts in the Bolsonaro government – 08/14/2021 – Latinoamérica21

Since the promulgation of the Brazilian Constitution in 1988, the authoritarian vestiges of the civil-military dictatorship have come under criticism. This ranged from maintaining the consolidated intelligence apparatus at the time, to using the National Security Act to prosecute opponents, in addition to the continued military presence in the state apparatus and in the political … Read more

Bolsonaro’s victory proves his indifference to deaths from Covid – 08/14/2021 – Marcelo Leite

When Governor João Doria (PSDB) introduced vaccination against Covid on January 17, it seemed an overwhelming victory. Seven months later, when almost all adults in São Paulo were vaccinated, it is evident that Jair Bolsonaro won the war. The president escaped defeat from the pandemic on two fronts. In São Paulo, his campaign in favor … Read more