Men are a late chapter on harassment – 08/13/2021 – Mariliz Pereira Jorge

Why is it still so difficult for many men to understand that flirting, flirting, joking is one thing and sexual harassment is another? Every time I come across a complaint, I wonder which part of all the messages, all the changes in laws, all the discussions on the subject the stalkers don’t understand?

And it’s not just the troglodytes who think the discussion is mimimi of a feminist. Men who call themselves progressives still behave as they did in the pre-me era too and use the same flawed argument that they have not absorbed the changes of a transformed society, where “the boundaries have been redrawn As Andrew Cuomo said. .

The now ex-governor of New York, who waved feminist banners during his tenure, said he may not be an ally of the causes he imagines himself to be. Yes, he went from ally to stalker. She resigned amid charges brought by nearly a dozen women, resulting in a 165-page report.

Cuomo was not seen as a supporter of feminism for nothing. His public life has been marked by actions that have benefited the agenda, such as a law that broadened the right to abortion, launched a set of measures to fight against wage inequalities, discrimination in the environment of work and domestic violence. On social media, he has taken a stand against sexual harassment and has repeatedly made the argument of being parents to three women to confirm his commitment to the gender equality guidelines.

Surprisingly, men are one chapter behind on the issue of harassment. Yes, the boundaries have been redrawn, but even those who have enough information on the subject do not review their own behavior while condemning that of others. They cannot identify as stalkers and continue to act in predatory ways, causing further victims.

School, culture, information can no longer serve as an alibi these days either. An iconic case of inadequate awareness of abuse in a relationship was reported by a telephone company employee locked inside a room and harassed by two co-workers. Just as she knew she had been the victim of a crime and reported it, it is not possible for men to think that it was just a joke or that she was playing just for herself. to be flirted with. But the stalker feels so comfortable that he normalizes all forms of violence.

You cannot hug, kiss, imply, send insistent messages or invitations, make sexual overtones, obscene requests when there is no reciprocity from the friend or friend . Unfortunately, the memorized speech that is on the tip of the tongue of many men turns out to be empty in practice. I collect stories of myself, friends and acquaintances who have already had trouble with very knowledgeable men, who talk on social media about setbacks, loss of freedom, fascist threat, machismo, harassment, but at the first opportunity ask the employee to take his cock.

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