Efficacy drops to 42%, Axios says, and Pfizer suggests vaccine development – 08/12/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the absence of space in the US channels and newspapers, it remained for the Axios website (with illustration below) and the Drudge Report to titrate the nference-Mayo Clinic study noting that “Pfizer n was only 42% “effective against infections. in July, when the delta reached 70%.

“If that’s not a wake-up call, I don’t know what it is,” commented one “senior government official Biden.” Pfizer sent a note to Axios, but without questioning the study and claiming to be “able to develop a bespoke vaccine against this variant within 100 days of a decision to do so, subject to regulatory approval.” .

The number is close to 39% then noted by Israel, which decided to opt for the third dose, first for those over 60 and now for those over 50. According to Haaretz, the projection is to reach 4,800 daily cases in a month, “them in serious condition”.

NBC and others report that the United States is preparing to also administer the third dose, a booster. And the Washington Post already points out that “Americans are sneaking in and taking more hits while authorities assess who should take them.”


The New York Times even said optimistically, in an editorial a week ago, that “the Delta wave could suddenly disappear, as it did in the UK”, which uses AstraZeneca and, to a lesser extent, Pfizer.

But the news of this Thursday (12) has already gone in the opposite direction. On the Financial Times homepage, “Fall in UK infection rate slows and signs of increase appear, study finds.”

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