Chinese ambassador celebrates imprisonment of Jefferson, who has already committed synophobic attacks – 13/08/21 – Worldwide

Shortly after the arrest of the national president of the PTB, Roberto Jefferson, this Friday morning (13), the Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Yang Wanming, celebrated on a social network.

“Have a nice day everyone !!! Wrote the diplomat, who has represented the country in Brazil since 2018 and has also worked in Argentina and Chile.

Jefferson, one of the main allies of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party), has been arrested in connection with ongoing investigations into the role of a digital gang in attacks on democracy.

The arrest was authorized by Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the STF (Federal Supreme Court). The issued ordinance contains more than ten crimes, including libel, slander and libel, incitement and apology for the crime, and slanderous denunciation.

The Chinese Ambassador’s protest responds to attacks already made by Jefferson. In mid-July, the former lawmaker starred in a social media video in which he threatened Yang Wanming while holding two guns.

On occasion, after discussing an alleged Communist threat and the importance of the Armed Forces and the police, Jefferson added, “Communists, like that rascal Chinese who is here today at the Chinese Embassy. (…) He has to be fine. The president must dismiss him, the xing-ling of this ambassador.

Records of offenses against China are rife among Pocketnaristas, something that has taken on new contours during the pandemic, as President Bolsonaro has repeatedly tried to disqualify the Coronavac vaccine, developed in a Chinese laboratory.

One of the president’s sons, MP Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), and former Education Minister Abraham Weintraub have already launched synophobic attacks against the Asian country. The STF even opened an investigation to investigate Weintraub for the crime of racism.

The positions of the president and his supporters are viewed with fear, due to the possibility of weakening bilateral relations with China, one of Brazil’s main partners – even with aggressive diplomatic rhetoric in Brasilia, the country s is consolidated as the main South American destination for Chinese investment.

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