Media law progresses in Poland and could lead to confrontation with US, main ally – 11/08/2021 – World

The lower house of the Polish parliament on Wednesday (11) approved a media law which, according to opponents, aims to silence an American channel critical of the government, by making it difficult to operate companies outside of it. ‘European Economic Area. After a night of protests by the thousands in the streets of Warsaw and … Read more

Biden calls summit to neutralize China and exorcise Trump – 08/11/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

US President Joe Biden will host an international meeting to defend democracy in December. Biden wants to bring together the leaders of countries, civil society and the private sector in a kind of first global Lollapalooza to fight authoritarianism. Unlike the original Lollapalooza Festival, which ended over a week ago in Chicago, set record marijuana … Read more

Reluctant until the last days, Cuomo saw the circle close and had to give up – 08/11/2021 – World

Governor Andrew Cuomo was tiring everyone. He was unchallenged, he raged at councilors over the weekend and, with few allies to defend him publicly after an incriminating report by the state attorney general on allegations of sexual harassment, he feared voters have an unshakeable impression, according to people. with direct knowledge of their conversations. Everyone … Read more

Government already sees Taliban in 80% of Afghanistan, and political solution is far away – 08/11/2021 – world

The Afghan government already admits it cannot control 80 percent of its territory, which fell into the hands of the Taliban and tribal warlords allied with the fundamentalist Islamic group that ruled most of the country from 1996 to 2001. The estimate, made in Folha by a senior official of the Foreign Ministry in Kabul, … Read more

Taliban spokespersons on social media recount military offensive to seize Afghanistan – 08/11/2021 – World

“The warriors of the Islamic Emirate conquer the capital of the province of Farah [no norte do Afeganistão]. The governor’s office and government buildings have been freed from the mercenary enemy and are under the full control of the Mujahedin [combatentes islâmicos]. The enemy pursuit continues, and he will soon be expelled from the north … Read more

Man sees brother and parents who refused vaccination die in Portugal within a week – 11/08/2021 – World

Resident of Wales, UK, Francis Gonçalves uses the pain of losing his mother, father and brother as an impetus to warn others of the risks of not getting vaccinated against covid-19. The three lived in Portugal and decided not to get the vaccine, swayed by false news about the supposed risks of vaccination that has … Read more

In attempt to isolate China, Biden announces ‘summit for democracy’ – 11/08/2021 – World

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will bring together in December, by videoconference, the heads of state and government for a “summit for democracy”, an alternative meeting to the traditional G20 and which will exclude China, today the America’s greatest commercial adversary. According to a White House statement, the meeting will be held … Read more

Is cosmopolitanism on the sidelines? – 08/11/2021 – Latin America21

In times of pandemic, when traffic through cities becomes limited, two productions of streaming platforms give materiality to an ethnographic experience: the feeling of being in the world that comes from meeting difference and is attested by the marginal places of cities. The places despised by the financial capitals and their gentrification, which mix dubious … Read more