NYT reports, after all, “takeover fears” by Bolsonaro – 10/08/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The New York Times, which had avoided political news in Brazil for weeks, looked into Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign against print voting, with the so-called “Bolsonaro discrediting electronic voting, raising fears of takeover.” (below).

He points out that “the attacks on Brazil’s electoral system, as its position in the polls decline, draw comparisons to the messy 2020 elections in the United States.” Opening of the article:

“Faced with the prospect of a landslide defeat at the polls next year, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is waking up his supporters in an existential battle – against electronic voting machines … Unless voters register their choice on of paper ballots, which the current system does not allow, Bolsonaro warned that the 2022 elections could be suspended. “

The newspaper addresses the military parade on Tuesday (10) with photos, but without more emphasis in the text.

And it records at the end that, during last week’s visit, Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan “demonstrated government support. [americano] to the current Brazilian system.

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