I will fight, says Lula on German TV, around 2022 – 08/10/2021 – Nelson de Sá

German state broadcaster ARD gave a 17-minute interview to former President Lula, highlighting the statement in reference to next year’s elections: “I will fight” (image below).

It was by answering the question about the feeling of “anger” or the desire to “avenge” not to have been able to face Jair Bolsonaro in 2018 “when I was in the lead”. Lula replied that no, “what happened has happened”, and that he “will fight now”. Further away:

“When Bolsonaro says he does not want to give up the post, that the 2022 elections will not go well without going back to the printed vote, it just shows that he knows he is going to lose and that he will end up in jail afterwards. . So he’s trying to say the same thing. The nonsense Donald Trump talked about before the Capitol invasion. “

The interview included questions such as “Do you still recognize your country today? and on deforestation, with responses that “it is possible to reverse” the situation – and the record that the Amazon Fund has set in his government, with the support of Germany and Norway.

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