Andrew Cuomo joins other Democrats involved in sex scandals – 08/10/2021 – world

With the resignation of the New York State government, announced on Tuesday (10) following accusations of sexual harassment by 11 women, Democrat Andrew Cuomo joins a list of party members implicated in sex scandals.


Joe Biden, current President of the United States
Ahead of the March 2019 Democratic presidential race, a former Nevada congressman said Biden inappropriately touched her and kissed her head during a rally in 2014. Days later, a woman from Connecticut He also accused him of touching her inappropriately and rubbing his nose with his during a fundraiser in 2009. In total, eight women accused the Democrat of kissing them, hugging them or touching them in a way that made them uncomfortable.

Biden’s response came in a video, in which he pledged to be “more mindful” of “personal space.” In March 2020, however, another complaint emerged. A former employee when he was a senator accused him of sexual assault in 1993 – something the Democrat’s campaign denied.

Bill Clinton, former US president (1993-2001)
Four women have gone public to denounce the former president in cases of rape, harassment and sexual assault. The most serious of these was taken by Juanita Boraddrick in 1999, who accused Clinton of raping her in 1978, when he was Arkansas attorney general. In 1998, Kathleen Willey said the then President kissed her, fondled her breasts and forced her to touch her groin at a 1993 Oval Office meeting – Clinton denies the interaction was sexual.

In the 1990s, Paula Jones, a former Arkansas public servant, reported that in 1991 a police officer approached and told her that Clinton wanted to see her. She was taken to the Democrat’s hotel room, who offered to have sex and exposed her genitals – the story was revealed in 1994. The Democrat paid $ 850,000 in an out-of-court settlement, but was never blamed.

The oldest case is the one that has been uncovered most recently. Leslie Milwee, a former television reporter, said in 2016 that the then governor of Arkansas had groped her repeatedly in 1980.

Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York
Like Cuomo, Spitzer resigned in March 2008 after a report surfaced that he had been involved with prostitutes. The Democrat apologized for his “personal inadequacies” but did not specifically refer to the allegations at the time. Months later, he admitted his involvement after a federal prosecutor withdrew from filing the lawsuit.

Eric Schneiderman, former New York State Attorney General
In 2018, New Yorker magazine reported that four women accused him of physically assaulting them, prompting Schneiderman’s resignation. Two of them said they were strangled and beaten repeatedly. Although he denied the allegations, several party leaders – including the now accused Cuomo – called for his resignation.

Al Franken, former senator from Minnesota
Accused of a series of sexual harassments against women, Franken resigned from his post in 2017. He has come under pressure from colleagues in the party, including former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren and party leader at the time, Chuck Schumer, to retire. Among the main charges, a former colleague of Franken – who was a comedian at the time of the case – accused him of having forcibly kissed her and touching her breasts while she was sleeping.

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