Nike doesn’t want to lose China, but Brazilian football oppose it – 08/08/2021 – Nelson de Sá

At the end of the week, the CEO of the American Nike, John Donahoe, gave a rare interview to the financial chain CNBC, to reaffirm that he “will continue to invest in China” despite pressure from the government of Joe Biden.

“China is a very important market for us. We have a history in China. Phil Knight, our founder, was there 40 years ago, starting to establish what is now an incredible connection with Chinese consumers in China. We’ve been the number one brand for a decade. “

Here comes the CBF and, in the presentation of the football medal, disappears with the brand of the Chinese sponsor of the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee), Peak, to put forward the sponsor of the CBF himself, the Brazilian Nike.

Peak reacted on the Weibo platform, calling the action “regrettable” and “illegal” (reproduction above). In short, “Peak will protect the rights and interests of the brand by legal means, rest assured”.

He went to the top of Guancha – and other Chinese nationalists, in Chinese – with the so-called “Brazilian soccer won and refused to wear the popular clothes sponsored by a Chinese company?”.

Immediately afterwards, the COB announced a lawsuit against the CBF, which the US Associated Press, via USA Today and others, reported highlighting the reaction of other Olympic champions, who criticize the CBF and the players themselves. same. From a swimmer:

“What the football team did was not good for Brazil’s image. It is the Brazilian Olympic Committee that will be punished, not the Brazilian Football Confederation.”

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