Climax, anticlimax and sulfur medal 5,871 miles from Tokyo – 08/08/2021 – Ana Estela de Sousa Pinto

Female voice, in French:

– Yes Yes Yes!

Male voice, also in French:

– To go…

Simultaneously: “Oh, oh… Come on… Yes, yes, yes! “.

And it went on like that for a few minutes, Tuesday afternoon (3).

It sounds like soft porn, but it was France vs Poland in men’s volleyball on EuroSport.

The target of the loot? Choice of hoist? Networking? Not a word about it, but the presenter and the commentator won the mixed duo prize in the fantasy category for having set the mood for the few Brussels residents who remained in front of a television set.

When July and August arrive, the inhabitants of the Belgian capital look for a summer when the thermometers most often exceed 20º Celsius, and the city empties.

To the chagrin of whoever remains and, on returning from his 3,000 meters of barriers in the morning, he discovers that the boiler has broken down.

And the repair will take time.

Two weeks.

At least.

A small particular setback before the real stall of these Olympics: the threats of the Belarusian dictatorship towards the athlete Kristsina Tsimanouskaia.

If for the episode itself, that would be revolting, but there are at least 124 other reasons – it is the estimate of the number of athletes arrested or dismissed by the regime in the crackdown which ends a year on Monday (9).

The sprinter had reason to fear what she might find if she had sailed to Minsk, as her technicians wanted.

He fled to Poland to avoid the fate of one of the country’s most popular athletes, basketball star Yelena Leuchanka: 15 days in a cell with no bathroom and no mattress.

Like her, the captain of the national rugby team, the president of the national athletics federation, the handball coach, football and ice hockey stars, an MMA fighter and two players from one of the best Belarusian teams were sanctioned.

The absence of all: protest against police violence against peaceful demonstrators.

Since Brazilian footballers opened the Tokyo Games with a 5-0 over the Chinese, barely 18 days have passed, but far from the courts, 13 new political prisoners have brought the list of incarcerated to 610 for displeasing the regime Belarusian.

During this period, the dictatorship closed 50 NGOs and began trying opponents Maria Kalesnikava and Maksim Znak, who faced 12 years in prison.

There is more: he pushed more than 4,000 immigrants across the Lithuanian border, in retaliation for the sanctions he received from the European Union. Last Tuesday in Ukraine, an exile helping dissidents was hanged from a tree in a park, an incident seen by opponents as a message that no one is safe.

Not that there is a lack of competitors in the world for the podium of terror, but in the 2020-2021 season no one has come close to Alexander Lukashenko.

In this infamous realm, instead of gold, a sulfur medal would do the trick.


Get up and walk.

No wonder that on the 4th, as Brazil closed their round against Russia, passer Macris rushed to kiss Fernando “Fernandinho” Fernandes.

Physiotherapists work wonders not only to get medals for Olympic athletes. They give back a quality of life to millions of anonymous people. The undervalued profession is there.

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