Former presenter becomes Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General – 07/08/2021 – Worldwide

“I was born Mary Jeannie May in the Quebec Arctic, known as Nunavik. My Inuit name is Ningiukudluk. The new Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, 73, insisted on including the same sentence in her inauguration speech and during her inauguration on July 26. By highlighting where she is from, Simon demonstrates the importance of … Read more

China Says US ‘Hacker Empire’, Advisor Biden’s 5G Offensive Against Huawei – 08/07/2021 – Marketplace

The Chinese Embassy in Brazil on Saturday (7) countered protests by U.S. government officials who, after visiting President Jair Bolsonaro, said the United States was concerned about the possible presence of Asians in 5G infrastructure. “When it comes to 5G, the United States continues to be highly concerned about Huawei’s potential role in telecommunications infrastructure … Read more

International community does not take genocide warnings seriously, says UN special adviser – 07/08/2021 – World

While traveling or in contact with international leaders, Kenyan Alice Nderitu, 53, has developed a habit of being treated unfriendly. All because of his title: United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide. “My position has the word genocide, so some governments are very uncomfortable with a visit from me, and the implications that … Read more

Progress and controversies in a month of Constitutional Assembly in Chile – Sylvia Colombo

The Constitutional Assembly of Chile took office a month ago and has collected advances, conflicts with the government and internal divisions. Lawmakers have a set deadline for drafting and presenting the new Charter – nine months, extendable for three more. After that, the text will be voted on in a binding referendum. Only then will … Read more

Network exhibitionist, son of Alberto Fernández avoids the press and official events – 07/08/2021 – World

Since his father was elected President of Argentina in 2019, Dyzhy does not give interviews to the mainstream media, avoids opinions on politics, and his last official appearance was during the inauguration of Alberto Fernández. , on December 10 of the same year. But he went to court twice to defend himself against what he … Read more

Lawyer who fought against sexual abuse could take over as New York governor accused of harassment – 07/08/2021 – World

Unacceptable, repulsive and illegal. American figures and politicians have criticized and called for the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo since an investigation revealed Tuesday (3) that he had sexually harassed 11 women. But these three adjectives particularly caught the attention of observers because they were used by a person known for her discretion, … Read more